Is Israel Going Through a Military Coup?

Israeli journalist Yossi Melman believes a military coup is taking place in Israel. Melman referred to reservists and active duty personnel who launched protests against the right-wing coalition government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

Melman believes mainstream media accounts of what is taking place in Israel are off the mark and not in touch with reality. 

In addition, Melman proclaimed the “rebels” in the Israeli Defense Forces and their supporters are using euphemistic language to hide the fact there’s growing insubordination among members of the military.

Some pundits, such as Richard Abelson of the Gateway Pundit, argue what’s taking place in Israel is effectively a “Color Revolution” bankrolled by the administration of President Joe Biden, along with George and Alexander Soros.

Melman admitted this coup is widespread and goes beyond the petitions of thousands of IDF reservists, the Mossad, and the Shin Bet security forces.

Moreover, the rebellion is greater than the thousands of pilots, air force technical staff, and special operations personnel. These folks have not shown up for reserve duty and warned they would not report for reserve duty, should the coalition government’s judicial reforms be passed. 

There’s also a growing number of reservists who shirk service by using other excuses that technically don’t fall under the category of refusing to serve, all of which Melman believes should be accounted for.

He called attention to how there’s also a growing number of lieutenants, captains, majors, and lieutenant colonels opting to not extend their military service. This development has largely worried the IDF Manpower Directorate, the General Staff, and the IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi.

Since Benjamin Netanyahu came back to power in 2022, the Israeli government pursued a series of nationalist reforms, which includes a judicial overhaul, that would concentrate more power in the executive branch.

More controversial is the ethno-nationalist direction the government has taken in an effort to placate elements of the Israeli hard-right who want to assert the interests of Israelis at the expense of Israel’s non-Jewish population. 

Such developments worry liberal elites across the West, who maintain a major aversion towards nationalist movements worldwide. As a result, they will likely try to launch subversive movements against the Israeli government and other governments that try to pursue nationalist reforms. 

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.