Iowa Passes New Election Integrity Legislation

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The importance of U.S. election integrity became more apparent than ever during last year’s presidential election. Countless allegations of voting irregularities, cooked tabulation machines, and other variations of fraud eroded many conservatives’ trust in elections. This also led to Democrats taking the Senate in addition to Biden taking the White House.

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Needless to say, all of this has highlighted the importance of ensuring that elections are secure. It’s why multiple states across the country are moving to pass election integrity bills into law. Georgia began this last month and other communities are thankfully following the lead of the Peach State.

According to Breitbart News, Iowa passed new election integrity legislation earlier this week.

Securing Elections in Iowa

According to Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, the state’s election integrity legislation is designed to advance “transparency and accountability” in the election process.

On Monday, following votes of approval from the Iowa House of Representatives and Senate, Governor Reynolds signed into law new voting integrity legislation.

The bill signed this week mandates that absentee ballots be returned by the time polls close on Election Day. Furthermore, the Iowa bill bars local election officials from breaching the law’s provisions; meanwhile, the early voting period will be 20 days before elections, as opposed to 29 days prior.

Reactions to Iowa’s Election Integrity Legislation

Republicans are praising the new Iowa legislation, stating that it will significantly reduce voter fraud. Iowa GOP officials maintain that the aforementioned bill addresses concerns that state residents have about election integrity and the security of their votes.

Jeff Kaufmann, the Iowa Republican Party chair, additionally noted that the election integrity legislation builds off of Voter ID laws passed by the GOP in 2017.

Democrats, of course, have a very different view of the bill signed into law by Governor Reynolds this past Monday. The Iowa Democrat Party released a statement earlier this week; in this statement, the Iowa GOP is accused of making it more challenging for senior Iowans and Iowans with disabilities to participate in elections.

The Iowa Democrat Party furthermore maintains that election integrity legislation centers around “outrageous lies,” rather than upholding clean and fair elections.

What is your view of the election integrity legislation signed into law by Iowa GOP Governor Kim Reynolds? Do you believe this will reduce voter fraud and irregularities? Be sure to share your thoughts down below with us in the comments section.