Investigators Closing in on Leak of Roe v. Wade Draft Decision

According to reports, authorities are getting closer to determining who released a draft decision last year.

This decision was one that led directly to the Supreme Court’s verdict in June last year to reverse Roe v Wade and abolish the right to an abortion and free choice.

Investigators Close in on Leak

According to the Wall Street Journal, which relies on many unnamed people close to the matter, Supreme Court marshals have focused their search on a select group of individuals, including law clerks.

The leak probe is being led by former Army colonel and Supreme Court Marshal Gail Curley.

According to the Journal, discussions and interviews with Supreme Court law clerks were part of the search process. This highly sought-after position is often filled by alums of the nation’s top law schools.

Justice Samuel Alito preliminary opinion was leaked in May, which stoked left-wing opposition to the final ruling all across the nation.

In addition to giving away the court’s decision, which would put millions of expectant women’s access to healthcare at risk, the leak represented an extraordinary violation of the valued ethos of camaraderie and confidentiality at the Supreme Court.

Justice Clarence Thomas equated the breach to infidelity at a May event.

He responded by saying based on what happened, their belief or faith is lost forever. Once that special trust is broken, particularly in the organization that he is a part of, it profoundly alters the organization.

He added that he now feels the need to watch his back. Since the leak, conspiracy theories about who may have distributed the document have taken flight in Washington.

Some of these theories vary.

Some claim a conservative released the document to ensure the Roe judgment was overturned; a liberal released it to spark resistance to the judgment; or Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts leaked it to put pressure on his peers to avoid completely overturning abortion rights.

The judicial drama persisted throughout the whole year. Justice Brett Kavanaugh was threatened with death in June by a man who broke into his suburban Washington residence brandishing a knife and a rifle.

The abortion ruling caused frequent rallies outside the houses of some conservative justices on the high court, sparking a protracted discussion in Washington over the morality and legality of such actions.

Some, including Senator Chuck Schumer, claimed the demonstrations were consistent with American democratic protests.

Protests Attempted to Sway Judges

He claimed in May there were protests outside his home three to four times every week. He said that he felt it acceptable to protest peacefully, the American way.

The Washington Post says that several Republicans countered that the demonstrations were an unlawful attempt to sway judicial figures.