Internet Sleuths Unmask Crazed Arsonist Who Torched ‘Trump Won’ Sign in Raleigh

In a stunning display of digital detective work, an anonymous gentleman from Lodi, California successfully identified the man responsible for setting fire to a “Trump Won” yard sign in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The alleged arsonist, James D. White Jr., was tracked down and identified through a series of time-stamped videos.

The incident began when Raleigh homeowner John Kane discovered his political yard sign had been set ablaze.

The sign, proudly proclaiming “Trump Won,” was targeted by an unknown arsonist. Kane, a father of young children, was understandably shaken by the incident. The potential danger posed by the arsonist’s reckless act could have resulted in harm to his family.

Kane took to social media to share surveillance footage of the fiery assault on his property. The video showed a bicyclist approaching the sign, attempting to kick it down, and then returning at 4 AM to set it alight.

Kane appealed to the public for help in identifying the criminal responsible for this act of vandalism and offered a reward of $1,000 for any information leading to the identification of the culprit.

Enter our unnamed hero from Lodi, California. This diligent internet sleuth, who wished to remain anonymous, managed to identify the arsonist as Jim White.

He emailed Kane at 1:52 AM with White’s Strava profile and GPS-timestamped maps of White’s bike rides. These maps corresponded with the timestamps on the surveillance videos, providing compelling evidence of White’s guilt.

White was further identified by a distinctive tattoo on his forearm, visible in the surveillance footage. This piece of evidence, combined with the timestamped maps, made a strong case against him.

The internet community rallied around Kane, applauding the efforts of the anonymous detective and condemning White’s actions.

John Kane later posted a video about the incident, expressing his relief at the identification of the suspect and thanking the anonymous gentleman from Lodi for his invaluable assistance.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers faced by those who choose to express their political beliefs openly.