In Case You Forgot, Here is a List of Biden’s Failures:

Joe Biden’s first seven months in office were marked by a series of missteps and failures to follow through on his campaign promises.


Obviously, the ranking must start with Biden’s egregiously botched pullout from Afghanistan; this is a disaster that took the lives of 13 American troops after bomb blasts during the week. The US will be haunted by Biden’s Afghanistan debacle for generations to follow.

Terrorists have gained far more confidence than during the previous Democrat government’s Islamic State global crisis. This crisis saw jihadi recruitment skyrocket while President Barack Obama powerlessly sat on his hands.

Obama lectured stone-cold murderers about being on the “losing side of things.” He whispered that anything more than containing or “degrading” the ISIS theocracy in Iraq and Syria could take many decades.


Biden ran on the promise of putting the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in check, but it is far from being so. Instances continue to arise abruptly and unexpectedly in regions where the governors are liked by the press, as well as in states where the governors are despised by the media.

The immunization campaign deteriorated into a divisive cultural and political fight. Immunized Americans were surprised to learn that they were once again subjected to coronavirus limitations, despite Biden’s assurances that taking the vaccine was the key to resuming regular life. As they are viewed as second-class individuals, the unvaccinated become progressively enraged.

Eviction moratorium

The true notion that unscrupulous officials are using the unending epidemic for wealth and power gains is one cause for growing public skepticism. The Supreme Court struck down the eviction moratorium on Friday, ruling 6-3 against the Biden government’s prohibition against evictions from rental properties. Joe Biden joined the majority decision, admitting right away that his directive was probably unlawful.

Gas Prices

One of Biden’s initial acts as president was to destroy the Keystone pipeline; this resulted in the loss of thousands of American livelihoods and increased the country’s reliance on foreign oil. Gas prices have risen to seven-year peaks

When gas was last this pricey, liberal President Barack Obama encouraged Americans to cross their fingers and hope engineers would one day develop automobiles that ran on algae, rather than petroleum.

He also started babbling about nefarious oil traders hiding in the shadows. In August, Biden took a leaf from Obama’s playbook and stated that “illegal behavior” was to blame for rising petrol prices.


On Friday, news that prices reached 30-year highs added to America’s return to Carter-era melancholy under Joe Biden. When energy and food prices are factored in – and most working Americans should factor them in – the Federal Reserve’s core inflation index increased by 4.2 percent year over year.

This considerably outpaces personal income growth and hits a rate not seen since the start of 1991.

The Border Crisis

Biden’s failure in Afghanistan has deflected focus away from the calamity he caused at the Mexican border. However, the problem remains, along with those “kids in cages” the Democrats apparently decided don’t really matter anymore.

The Biden government has no plans to strengthen border security, but it has stepped up its attempts to find somebody else to scapegoat for the issue. It has also increased efforts to supplant the American population with foreign voters who are more likely to accept perpetual government expansion.