In the Shadow of the Afghan Disaster, America Remembers 9/11

After the horrendous acts of terrorism on the 11th of September, former President Donald Trump produced a video remembering those who died; Trump did this while also criticizing President Joe Biden’s management of the US departure from Afghanistan.

A Day of Grief

To paraphrase Trump: today is a particularly melancholy day. For our nation, September 11th is a day of immense grief. Many qualities were on exhibit that day, such as the courage of our police, firefighters, and first rescuers of all types.

Trump also noted that these first responders did an absolutely fantastic job. We adore them and appreciate everything they’ve done for us, Trump noted in a video message sent out on Saturday.

The previous president then went on a scathing attack on Biden, claiming that he was “made to appear like a fool” during the United States pullout from Kabul in August. His response comes as the Biden government currently faces harsh criticism for its foreign policy decisions.

Meanwhile, a new report released on Friday claimed a drone missile attack in Afghanistan against a potential terrorist during the pullout from Kabul may have killed a person who was not a danger to the US. The report provoked outrage, with some criticizing the Biden government’s “incompetence” on social networks.

Highlighting Sept. 11, 2001, Mike Pence told reporters on Friday the Biden government’s “failures” in Afghanistan cannot lessen the heroic actions and duty of U.S. service members.

Pence added that the country’s security during the last 20 years is a “homage to the selflessness” of this “era of champions.” The former VP later sent a statement to military families that lost family and friends. He also reached out to active service and veteran personnel of the US military services, during an exclusive segment with Fox News.

Mike Pence Recalled Events From the Capitol

Pence told Fox News a highly personal anecdote about September 11, 2001, when he was a new lawmaker. Once the Pentagon was struck, Pence was in his workplace in the Longworth Office Complex near the US Senate, and he ordered his staff to leave the building.

Pence told Fox News that he will “never forget the ambiance of that day” as he walked across the road into the Capitol.


Pence later gathered with members of Congress in the bunker of the United States Capitol Police building. Then, Pence heard that another plane was on its way to the United States Capitol in a matter of minutes.

To paraphrase the former vice president: I recall looking straight out the window to see the Capitol building dome. My initial impression was the Capitol itself – this powerful symbol of representative government about to be compromised and eviscerated – a building that had motivated the globe since the long weeks of the Civil War.