Impeachment Inquiry Backfires on Democrats

Earlier this week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives will move forward with an impeachment inquiry.

Pelosi accused President Trump of violating the Constitution and betraying his oath of office, due to unfounded claims from a whistleblower regarding Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian president. Since these allegations, the Trump administration has released transcripts of the conversation which prove that no quid-pro-quo took place.

With each passing moment, it becomes more and more evident that this latest attempt to take down the president is a bust. Breitbart News reports that President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised five million dollars within 24 hours, following Pelosi’s announcement. This ought to send a very clear message to Democrats about where Americans stand.

A Closer Look at the Gains of Trump, RNC

The American people are sick and tired of desperate attempts to take down this president. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy said it best; Democrats have been investigating Trump since before he got elected. At this point, it’s become apparent that the left has no interest in working with the president and accepting the 2016 election results. Therefore, Americans have responded with their money; this is something which Pelosi and the Democrats were most likely not expecting.

Both Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale and RNC chief-of-staff Richard Walters confirmed the economic gains which have taken place. Parscale and Walters furthermore cited the impeachment inquiry and House Democrats as the factors which motivated the significant surges.

See for yourself:

The Interests of the American People

The vast majority of Americans do not support the impeachment of President Trump. If Democrats expected Tuesday to mark a significant turning point in their quest to impeach, disappointment must be setting in at this point. Most people in this country have tired of the left’s harassment and refusal to accept the 2016 election results.

Launching impeachment inquiries changes nothing and has merely served as fanfare. House Democrats have already voted on impeachment and failed. Even if the Democrats managed to get the necessary votes in the House, they’d also have to get two-thirds of the vote in the Senate. With the GOP majority which currently resides in the Senate, anyone who is honest with themselves knows that this push for impeachment is going absolutely nowhere.

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