Illegal Immigrant Killed TWELVE Elderly Women, Silence from Mainstream Media

New developments from The Daily Caller News Foundation have affirmed that an illegal immigrant from Kenya is responsible for murdering 12 elderly women in the state of Texas.
Of course, murder committed by illegal immigrants goes against the leftist narrative of illegal immigrants being pious angels; therefore, mainstream media outlets aren’t really reporting on this story all that much.
Huge shocker.

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You

On Tuesday, Kenyan resident Billy Chemirmir, 46, was indicted for the deaths of 11 women; this comes in addition to a prior capital murder charge from last year. Chemirmir murdered his victims by smothering them with pillows; before he left the premises of the murders, the illegal immigrant also robbed the women. The aforementioned murders occurred between 2016 and 2018.

According to a Collin County arrest affidavit,  Chemirmir’s actions led to a case break when authorities were able to revive one of his victims. The victim maintains that the illegal immigrant forced his way into her home and ordered her not to fight him before forcing her down and stealing her jewelry. Thanks to the numbers on Chemirmir’s license plate, he was found and apprehended by law enforcement.
After Chemirmir’s arrest, authorities reported that he weaponized his prior history in healthcare to victimize senior citizens.

The Silence from the Mainstream Media

The mainstream media’s silence on this matter is deafening, but we all know the reason for the silence. For years, liberals have pushed the myth that illegal immigrants are simply pious people who had a bad life. In actuality, this simply isn’t true. There are many illegal immigrants like Chemirmir who commit heinous crimes and victimize Americans.
Having a rough life or living under bad circumstances does not entitle someone to sneak across the border illegally. At this point, it is extremely unlikely that the mainstream media will report on this story.
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