Illegal Aliens Allowed to Run Amok in Los Angeles

The perils of open borders and illegal immigration have proven themselves time and time again. Still, the Democrat Party continues to embrace hard-left stances on immigration in America. To be clear, illegal immigration is, in fact, a blight upon any safe and civilized society.

Illegal aliens are inherent criminals, once they sneak across the border. To make matters worse, there are many illegal aliens who commit crimes, live off of taxpayers’ dollars, and engage in other nefarious deeds. Yet, when the plights and issues associated with illegal immigration and its perpetrators are pointed out, Democrats promptly scream “racism” and “xenophobia.”

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Areas in America which are under strong, left-wing control are often unfortunately deemed as sanctuary cities. While Democrats promote sanctuary cities as safe havens for poor, oppressed migrants, these cities are merely breeding grounds for lawlessness and danger.

Reports from Breitbart News confirm that Los Angeles, California is experiencing the first-hand impacts of being a sanctuary city.

Reviewing the Illegal Alien Crisis in Los Angeles

When testifying before Congress earlier this week, Timothy Robbins, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official, gave some interesting and alarming details about illegal aliens in Los Angeles. Since Los Angeles is a sanctuary city, they’ve chosen not to cooperate with law enforcement, thus aiding and abetting known criminals.

Per Robbins’ statements, the city of Los Angeles is giving a pass to roughly 75-100 illegal aliens per day. Robbins noted that before Los Angeles became a sanctuary city, they would deliver the aforementioned amount of illegal aliens to ICE on an almost daily basis. Now, ICE is only made aware of roughly five illegal immigrants on any given day.

Robbins additionally warned that the “significant problem” of illegal immigration in Los Angeles has been “overlooked” for quite some time now.

Upholding the Sanctity of Legal Immigration

Contrary to the rhetoric from extreme leftists, legal immigration is not evil. Upholding the immigration laws of the land does not make a nation racist, xenophobic or hateful; these are merely buzzwords which Democrats use when they have an agenda to promote and they’re failing to get their way.

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If Los Angeles continues on their current course of action, they’re going to have more and more problems. There was a time when the Democrat Party actually agreed that legal immigration should be enforced; now, they’ve gone completely off the deep end and embraced the radical notion of decriminalizing illegal border crossings altogether.

What do you think about the illegal immigration crisis which is currently underway in Los Angeles, California? Will the situation get even worse before it gets better? Sound off in the comments section below!