Ilhan Omar Misses the Mark on Why She's "Controversial"

Over the course of her time in politics, House Rep. Ilhan Omar has made a series of disturbing statements which have naturally generated controversy. Her remarks pertained to 9/11, Israel, U.S. politicians, and more. To make matters worse, Omar has attempted to justify her out-of-line and often anti-Semitic remarks. Instead of taking accountability for her words, she’s chosen to brand her critics as racist and lash out against people.

Yesterday, Omar appeared on air for an interview with Face The Nation. Breitbart News reports that during this time, the congresswoman completely missed the mark on why she’s inherently controversial. Once again, Omar chose to pass the buck instead of acknowledging the impacts and ripple effects of her rhetoric. At this point in time, her lack of accountability shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone.

A Closer Look at Omar’s Statements on Controversy Surrounding Her

According to Ilhan Omar, she is only controversial because people “want the controversy.” That’s her hot take. That was the reason she presented. She didn’t mention her dismissal of 9/11 as “some people did something.” Even when speaking on air yesterday, Omar doubled down when asked about if she understood why people view her statements as offensive.

She furthermore declined to bring up her past statements which alleged that American politicians are being bought off to support Israel. That’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as what Omar’s said, but nonetheless, she thinks that people have simply singled her out, just for the sake of doing so.

In Omar’s own words:

“So, I’m only controversial because people seem to want to- controversy. […] I think this is- this is always the point, right? There is always a- an implied intent to every conversation I have.”

During this Face The Nation segment, Omar also made sure to claim that Congress will impeach President Trump.

The Real Reason Why Omar is Controversial

Omar is controversial, not because people “want controversy, but because she consistently makes statements which convey indifference to outright disdain for America. She’s done this on numerous occasions and then has the audacity to question why people believe she hates the United States.

Since Omar apparently doesn’t like the fact that she’s a controversial figure, she needs to understand that she’s brought this upon herself. If a conservative said half the things which Omar has said, they’d be done and shunned from politics altogether. Yet, then again, conservatives tend to love America and that’s a lot more than members of the Democrat Party can say about their politicians.

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