Hunter Biden’s Story Changes as He Files Countersuit Over Authenticated Laptop

Hunter Biden has brought a counterclaim against John Paul Mac Isaac. This is the business owner of a PC repair shop who gave law enforcement and the media access to a computer owned by the president’s son.

Hunter Fights Back

The lawsuit says that Isaac illegitimately disseminated Hunter Biden’s personal information and charges him with six counts of privacy invasion. The counterclaim was submitted on Friday to a district court in Delaware.

In 2020, Isaac claimed in April 2019, a guy whom he thought to be Hunter Biden left three computers at his business, only this one could be used again. Isaac claimed to have come across frightening content while working on the computer.

According to Isaac, within 90 days, Hunter Biden did not return to pick up the computer and Isaac was unable to reach him. In June or July of 2019, Isaac claimed he first conducted a keyword search of the emails.

Isaac claims that the FBI initially made a forensics duplicate of the laptop before returning many weeks later with a warrant and seizing it.

Isaac claims he approached a number of members of Congress when the FBI ceased communicating with him, but they were unresponsive. At that point, his middleman contacted Robert Costello, the legal representative for Rudy Giuliani.

In a statement from his attorneys dated February 2023, Hunter Biden appears to have acknowledged that the computer is his.

On February 1, Abbe Lowell, the lawyer for Biden, sent documents to the Delaware attorney general the Justice Department, requesting investigations against Steve Bannon, Giuliani, and Isaac.

Several people who acquired and shared the contents of the laptop received cease-and-desist letters from Biden’s legal team.

The Washington Post supported other publications in trying to downplay and denigrate the New York Post’s findings during the 2020 presidential race, of course, but has since verified thousands of emails found on Hunter Biden’s computer.

The “multimillion-dollar” business connections that Hunter Biden has to the Chinese electricity company, CEFC China Energy, were extensively covered in a Wednesday article by The Washington Post.

The Post stated during the course of 14 months, the Chinese energy corporation and its executive officers rewarded $4.8 million to organizations managed by Hunter Biden and his uncle.

That’s as per government documents, court filings, newly divulged financial records, and even email messages stored on a copy of a computer hard drive.

This is a drive allegedly once owned by Hunter Biden. However, they discovered no proof that President Biden personally profited from or got to know details about.

Laptop Authenticated

The Washington Post then talked about Hunter Biden’s computer, one of the many sources used to create the piece.

The computer was given over to the FBI in December 2019. Rudy Giuliani and other aides to then-President Donald Trump were able to get a copy of the disk a few months prior to the actual 2020 election.