Hunter Biden to Boost Gun Rights with 2nd Amendment Legal Defense

In a bizarre turn of events, Hunter Biden may actually boost the legal precedent in defense of the Second Amendment and gun rights. His lawyers plan to use it to fight potential gun charges against him, according to reports.

Hunter Biden’s Stupidity

The US Justice Department has been investigating the son of President Joe “Bribery” Biden for tax crimes and gun ownership crimes, the latter involving a firearm that he bought in 2018.

When he made the purchase, the pride of the Bidens declared in a federal form that he was not a user of or addicted to any unlawful or “controlled substances,” as revealed by a Politico report back in 2021.

However, in 2021, in an incredible expression of stupidity, Hunter Biden admitted in his own memoir that he often used crack cocaine during that period.

His drug addictions have since been confirmed by the revelations of his lost “laptop from hell,” which also exposed much about the shocking murky foreign business dealings of the Bidens.

The latest probe by House Republicans has shown nine Biden family members got a combined total of at least $10 million in cash wires from Communist China, as well as Romania.

White House Just Won’t ‘Get Into This’

A new report by Politico reveals Hunter Biden and patriotic conservative Americans might actually end up on the same side of a legal argument.

The first son’s lawyers informed the Justice Department they would challenge existing laws through the Second Amendment, in case their client got slapped with an anticipated gun crime charge.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, flatly refused to give any sort of a comment on the report. When explicitly asked about the matter, Jean-Pierre declared she wouldn’t “get into this,” Fox News reports.

Joe Biden, for his part, has repeatedly slammed last year’s ruling of the Supreme Court, which expanded 2nd Amendment protections.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.