Hunter Biden Email Reveals Deep Corruption

As per emails analyzed by Fox News Digital, an authorized Serbian foreign operator and the USA’s Serbian Ambassador were in very close contact with Hunter Biden.

This happened in the early days of his father’s first period as vice president. The talks were to organize the planning of an investor conference with Serbia’s president and Serbian “wealthy individuals.”

The Juicy Details

On April 16, 2010, Mark Doyle, a retired senior aide to then-Sen. Joe Biden and the governmental finance director of Biden’s failed presidential campaign in 2008, notified the younger Biden.

He advised Hunter he had “met with Tadic’s chief of staff,” making reference to Serbian President Boris Tadic. He also noted they’d inquired about Hunter conveying the intention of meeting him.


“I get the impression from Vladimir they are eager to assist you with your investment. If you’re interested, you may call Vladimir directly. There’s no need for me to get in the way. I believe it would be beneficial to you and the fund to go.”

Doyle had already been functioning as a recognized foreign agent on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, the only international nation he ever would file to represent, via his company Prairie Avenue Consultants, since late May 2009.

Doyle revealed the person who he primarily dealt with was Petrovic. This news came in a declaration filed with the Department of Justice. Doyle went on to become the president of Unite The Country.

Unite The Country is a major pro-Biden super PAC that collected approximately $50 million for Biden’s campaign during the 2020 presidential election.

Hunter answered just under two hours later, joking the “tv program” he will be creating will be called “Markie in the Middle,” and they must meet in Serbia a month later.

Hunter was Very Keen to Make a Deal

Shortly afterward, Doyle replied to Hunter Biden’s letter, saying that Vladimir Petrovic, then-Serbian Envoy States, “wants to start pulling something together. Doyle also made a point of noting “a¬†full day for you with Tadic and future investors” was waiting.

“They’re eager to recruit folks who can commit right away when you get there, extremely serious people,” Doyle said in the message.

“Hunter would really like to try and get to Serbia soon after going to Spain with his Dad.” Hunter Biden’s business associate, Eric Schwerin, contacted Hunter and Doyle regarding the Serbia visit a week afterward.

Hunter replied to an email from Petrovic three days later, on April 29, 2010. In this email, Hunter was praising Petrovic for the opportunity to visit Serbia. However, he stated that his travels in Europe that week had “changed schedules.”

As a result of this, he didn’t realize he might not be able to make the meeting in May after all.