Hunter Biden Calls Stepmom Jill ‘Selfish C—” in Newly Leaked Tests

Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden’s prodigal son, Hunter, seems to have a particularly low opinion of his stepmom, First Lady Jill Biden.

This was evidenced by freshly leaked text messages found on his lost laptop. He refers to her as a “selfish, entitled c—,” among other epithets, because she wanted him to go to rehab for his drug problem.

Hunter Didn’t Take a Push for Rehab Lightly

The vicious insults that Hunter threw at Jill Biden are the latest shocking revelation out of one of his three “lost” laptops.

This is the one that got dropped off at a repair shop in Delaware and also contained a backup copy of his iPhone.

The brand-new, embarrassing disclosure of not only Hunter Biden’s moral deficiency, but also of the unhealthy inner dynamics in the Biden family, has just been exposed by The Daily Mail in a leak of Hunter’s text message chats.

The revelations demonstrate while Jill approached Hunter with love and support, he thought of particularly nasty insults for her – as well as for Hallie, his brother Beau’s widow-turned-girlfriend.

Apparently, they were pushing for him to go to drug addiction rehab and were convincing Joe to force Hunter to do that.

The sickening words that Hunter Biden had for his stepmother include “vain,” “stupid,” “a moron,” and “selfish, entitled c—.”

To make matters even more pathetic, Sleepy Joe’s prodigal son tossed those insults at his stepmother behind her back, in text message chats with other members of the extended Biden family.

Apparently, his outburst of offensive rage occurred in the winter of 2018-2019, after the family asked Hunter Biden to go back for another drug rehabilitation treatment.

‘Threat to Himself and Others’

The brand-new leak from the cell phone and computer of Hunter Biden shows on December 28, 2018, he texted Jim Biden, his uncle, in order to bash Jill and Hallie, his brother’s widow and his lover at the time.

That was after Joe Biden told him to go into rehab for another month in order to get clean from drugs and alcohol.

Hunter wrote uncle Jim that Hallie together with “my idiot stepmother” have “made drama,” which has in turn “forced dad” to tell him he was going to help him only if he were to spend 30 days in rehab.

Hunter added that he told Jill Biden she is a “c—” and a “moron.”

A day prior to that, on December 27, 2018, Hunter Biden texted his lover and brother’s widow, Hallie, that both she and Jill Biden are “c—s,” or, rather, “selfish, silly, entitled c—s.”

“F— my stepmother,” Sleepy Joe’s embarrassment of a son wrote before proceeding with the vicious insults.

He kept the same tone until at one point, his sister-in-law-turned-lover snapped at him and texted him in all caps that it is him “to blame” for his own “lack of sobriety,” – not she or his stepmother.

Roughly at the same time, Hunter sent texts to Liz Secundy, Hallie’s sister, containing more insults for his family members. He described Jill Biden, Hallie, and his half-sister Ashley Biden as “stupid and vain.”

At the same time, however, while Hunter bashed his stepmother before the others in nasty ways, he replied to her own texts in a soft and pleasant manner.

When on December 6, 2018, his stepmother texted him that she loves him and hopes he is okay, he replied “Thanks mom ly2.”

Two days later, when Jill sent Hunter another message, saying she was sitting on the beach and “thinking of” him, he replied he loves her.

However, when Jill texted Hunter on December 28, December 31, and January 15, 2019, with more messages of love and support, she received no replies from him. Apparently, he got extremely mad at her for pushing for him to go into rehab.

In a text to his uncle on December 29, Hunter complained that Jill, Ashley, and Hallie were trying to convince Joe that Hunter presents a “threat to himself and others.”