Huge Hug For Illegals as Biden Changes Policy

President Joe “Open Border” Biden found a new way to violate the American Constitution, this time by issuing “sanctuary country” orders.

Biden is cutting the expulsions of illegal immigrants from the US drastically amid the illegal immigrant invasion via the southern border that his administration is aiding and abetting.

More Violations of US Laws and the Constitution

Some six million illegal immigrants have invaded the United States since Empty Shelves Joe occupied the White House almost 23 months ago. He immediately stopped the construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall.

The figure includes at least one million gotaways, who managed to waltz into the United States completely undetected, according to Customs and Border Patrol data and estimates cited by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

Against that backdrop, court documents have now revealed that last year, the administration issued two “sanctuary country” orders. These have slashed by over 90% the number of illegal immigrants getting deported from certain counties in the United States.

According to a Breitbart News report cited by Red State, in 2021, the Department of Homeland Security, led by Biden’s “serial liar” DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, issued what is described as “sanctuary country” orders.

The provisions are similar to the “sanctuary city” and “sanctuary state” status of woke Democrat-run communities across the nation, violating the laws and the Constitution to benefit illegal foreigners and Marxists-Communist conspirators.

The orders in question “ensured” that “most of” the 11 to 22 million illegals in the United States would not be “eligible for deportation and arrest” by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

They Are Changing America’s Voter Demographics

The “sanctuary” orders were revealed by the Center for Immigration Studies, which obtained public records showing deportations of illegal immigrants were slashed tremendously in 2021 compared with 2019.

That occurred in 48 of those 50 US counties with the highest volume of illegal immigrants.

In four of these countries, the expulsion of illegals declined by over 90%: Plymouth County, Massachusetts, Gwinnett County, Georgia, Kankakee County, Illinois, and Bergen County, New Jersey.

Three of the four states mentioned above – Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – are Democrat-run “sanctuary states.”

The report pointed out that “sanctuary orders” hindering illegal aliens’ expulsions were further evidence of Democrats’ efforts to “change the voter demographics” of America in their favor by inundating the nation with third world illegals.

What is perhaps even more shocking is the drastic drop in the number of criminal illegal immigrants who are getting deported: 57% fewer deportees who are accused of killings, 75% decline for kidnappers, 86% decline for burglars, 60% for accused of sexual assault, and 91% for illegals accused of sex crimes.

The state of America’s illegal immigration invasion on Biden’s watch is only likely to deteriorate.

The Title 42 public health policy used for expelling illegals during the pandemic stands to either expire on December 21, as per court order, or to be amended by the Biden administration.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.