How Congress Systematically Hides Corruption, Ethical Lapses and Incompetence

The existence of political corruption is no secret in this country. However, many Americans may very well be shocked to learn the extent to which the aforementioned corruption goes.

According to The Daily Caller News Foundation, Congress has a long-time pattern of concealing the misconduct of their senators and representatives. Contrary to what some Americans may believe, Congressional Republicans and Democrats often allow each other to slide with improprieties since they are all members of Congress, despite political differences.

The Extent of Congressional Corruption

There are a variety of steps which members of Congress have taken to ensure that certain individuals and families maintain their power for as long as possible. One step clearly involves certain individuals remaining in office for decades and sometimes even having their positions succeeded by their wives or other relatives. It goes without saying that when someone stays in Congress for decades and has no real, upfront seat to changes in the country, this can hinder their ability to effectively serve the people.

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

There are countless instances of wrongdoings which have been systemically covered up via payoffs and various bureaucratic offices. This exists on both sides of the aisle and has been covered up by both the GOP and Democrats.

There is this common misconception that each side of the aisle would rat this other out for misdeeds, but this is often quite wrong. As previously stated, many members of Congress care more about skating by and enjoying the perks of a corrupt culture than about exposing colleagues with differing policy views.

More on Corruption in Politics

As long as corruption of the foregoing nature exists, Americans will continue to see things like the Russia probe (which wasted millions of taxpayer dollars) and FBI agents talking about having “insurance policies” in the event that the candidate they dislike wins a presidential election.


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