House Republicans Seek Biden's Help in Unlikely Alliance

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

After the destruction wreaked upon Capitol Hill last week, Democrats are committed and out to get President Trump. The left — and some on the right — believe(s) that Trump is ultimately to blame for his supporters that chose to mob the U.S. Capitol, break into the offices of legislators, and otherwise cause property damage, personal injuries, and loss of life.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Democrats want Trump removed from office, even though merely ten days remain of his term in the White House. The left has stated that despite the short time period Trump has left in the Oval Office, impeaching him will stop Trump from seeking public office ever again.
House Republicans, on the other hand, argue that impeaching the 45th president will only further divide the nation. This is why GOP House members are reaching out to Joe Biden, of all people, to call off impeachment-happy Democrats, reports Newsmax.

A Team-Up Between House Republicans and Joe Biden?

Yesterday, House Republicans penned a very interesting letter to Biden. In his letter, GOP congressmembers state that attempting to impeach Trump will only engender the wrath of his supporters; furthermore, Republicans in the House stated that such impeachment endeavors would work against Biden’s professed interest in unifying the United States.

Therefore, Biden is facing a call from House Republicans to “formally request” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to call off impeachment proceedings. Pelosi stated last week that if Vice President Mike Pence fails to have Trump removed via the 25th Amendment, House Democrats will proceed with impeachment this week.
Due to the narrow majority that Democrats have in the House, it is likely their impeachment proceedings would pass through the chamber, just as they did last time.

Biden on Impeaching Trump Again

On Friday, Biden spoke publicly about the prospect of Democrats impeaching Trump for a second time. He ultimately stated that the ball on this matter is in Congress’ court; yet, Biden also opined that the swiftest way of removing Trump from office is when his term expires on January 20.

Thus far, the former vice president has not responded to the letter he received from House Republicans. This week will determine whether or not Pelosi and House Democrats actually move ahead with their promise to impeach the 45th president yet again.
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