House Republicans Plan to Strengthen Support in South Texas

"Frontier Texas Flags" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by carlfoggjr

The midterm elections are coming up. Due to the current trajectory of politics, the 2022 midterm races are likely some of the most impactful upcoming elections that America has faced. 

Next year’s midterms will determine if the Republican Party can regain reasonable footing in Congress by taking back the Senate and/or House of Representatives. If the GOP does manage this, it will restore checks-and-balances to the federal government; a GOP back in control will also save the nation from the left’s planned, socialist takeover. 

“USA and Texas flags” (CC BY 2.0) by runneralan2004

Winning the midterm elections is all about strategy. Thankfully, the GOP has several arrows in their quiver; one of these arrows involves strengthening support in South Texas, according to Washington Examiner

Fortifying GOP Support in South Texas

For quite some time, South Texas was considered a leftist stronghold; however, former President Donald Trump changed this after picking up support in the area. Now, South Texas is a battleground arena and the GOP is eager to fortify support. 

The National Republican Congressional Committee is working on South Texas areas that came out close in the race between Trump vs. Biden. Republicans are also confident that if they play their cards right in the Rio Grande Valley, they can do well in the midterm races.

According to a Texas GOP strategist, Republicans are working to engage Latino and Hispanic voters in the Lone Star State; meanwhile, Democrats assume that they have Latino and Hispanic voters locked in simply because they’re racial/ethnic minorities.

The left has a habit of taking minority voters for granted; however, as time goes on, this will only continue engendering the downfall of Democrats.

The Border Crisis Factor 

The ongoing border crisis will undoubtedly impact next year’s midterm races, especially in the state of Texas.

Due to the dereliction and inaction of the Biden administration, Texas has had to pick up the slack. The Lone Star State is presently taking on the financial costs of cracking down on crime increases, drug cartels, and more. In fact, this situation has turned so dire that the Texas attorney general is actually suing President Biden. 

Republicans won’t let Texans forget about the Southern border crisis as the midterms approach…and nor should they. The Biden administration’s failure to get the border under control after botching it speaks volumes about Democrats’ ineffectiveness. 

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