House Republicans Hit Democrats for Anti-Police, Anti-Prison Rhetoric in New Ads

"Idaho National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

The work for the 2022 midterm races has already begun. These midterm elections will be extremely consequential next year; they’ll also determine what type of leadership is at the helm and which policies get passed in law. 

“Montana National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

GOP strategies to take back the majority are already in play. Republicans are eyeing South Texas and other districts that they will need to win. Meanwhile, polling shows that Independents are unified with Republicans when it comes to concerns about the Southern border and disapproval of packing the Supreme Court. 

According to Fox News, House Republicans are additionally targeting Democrats for the latter’s anti-police and anti-prison rhetoric. 

Holding the Democrat Party Responsible 

Anti-police and anti-prison rhetoric is extremely dangerous. Surveys taken earlier this month show that most of the country is worried about the consequences this type of talk will have on public safety. Furthermore, police officers are already quitting in record numbers. 

House Republicans aren’t letting Democrats skate by as the midterms get closer. In a fresh digital spot, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) hits Democrats, stating that they’ve “lost their minds” in calling for violence and the defunding/abolition of police. 

The digital spot then urges American voters to hold Democrats accountable for supporting this type of rhetoric. Americans should also know that the NRCC will run this ad in districts that could prove challenging for House Democrats’ re-elections. 

Shutting Down Democrats’ Power Grabs

Next year’s midterm races will ultimately determine whether Republicans can shut down Democrats’ power grabs. Some political strategists have already suggested that Democrats are overplaying their hand, pushing for too much, too soon as they occupy the majority. 

Too much power for Democrats leads to them pushing to stack the Supreme Court, involve the federal government in state elections, etc. By getting Republicans back in the majority, the GOP will be able to protect the nation from bills like H.R. 51, H.R. 1, the PRO Act, etc. 

When politicians are elected to Congress, they are supposed to serve the interests of the American people. Thus far, the Democrats have proven that they only serve their quests for more power and control. It is now time to vote Democrats out and bring common sense back to the federal government. 

What do you think about House Republicans taking on Democrats’ anti-police and anti-prison rhetoric? Let us get your thoughts on the upcoming midterm elections in the comments section below.