House Republicans Gear Up to Remove Liz Cheney from Leadership Role

"Capitol Burn - Feel the Equinox Fire" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Geoff Livingston

Many Republicans are not happy with House Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney.

The Wyoming congresswoman voted earlier this year to impeach Trump on a charge of insurrection incitement; moreover, since the former president’s exit from the White House, Cheney has continued criticizing him, something that Republicans don’t view as conducive to the GOP’s success. 

“U.S. Capitol Building detail” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Kevin Burkett

Trump supporters, especially, are not huge fans of the House Conference Chairwoman. As a matter of fact, former President Trump himself stated that he’ll be endorsing whichever GOP candidate runs to primary Cheney. 

Amid these developments, House Republicans announced on Monday their plans to have Cheney removed from her current congressional position, per Breitbart News

The House GOP on Rep. Liz Cheney

Allies of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are quite vocal about their problems with Cheney. One official informed the media that Cheney is a “liability” and will be out of her position as House Conference Chair before June comes; these statements arrived before the source predicted that a vote to remove Cheney will be unanimously against her. 

Ultimately, House Republicans believe that Cheney’s remarks as of late run contrary to that of Leader McCarthy. As such, this creates a divide in the House GOP at a time when House Republicans are looking to take back the majority during next year’s midterm elections. 

Another political ally to the House Minority Leader spilled additional details. According to this particular source, McCarthy has grown as exasperated with Cheney as other House Republicans are. 

Ultimately, the general consensus here is that Cheney is more fixated on the past and on being against Trump than on taking back the House majority. 

Trump on Liz Cheney

Yesterday, former President Trump released a formal press release regarding Cheney’s declining popularity within the GOP. 

The former president stated that the House Conference Chairwoman is a “warmonger” who stands no chance of winning re-election. Trump then stated that Wyoming residents are no fans of Cheney, hence making her unlikely to run for office again in the state. 

This latest press release from the former president comes as multiple Wyoming Republicans gear up to run against Cheney. Many conservatives now view the House Conference Chairwoman as misaligned from the GOP and as a Republican in name only. 

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