House of Reps. to Stay in Recess Until April 20

"Full Moon Over Capitol Hill" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Geoff Livingston

Coronavirus continues to have significant impacts on national government as we know it.
To date, several United States representatives and senators have either tested positive for COVID-19, had contact with COVID-19 positive persons, or self-quarantined themselves as precautionary measures. Not all individuals with coronavirus display symptoms, thus increasing the challenge of preventing the spread of the virus.

In the wake of the ongoing threat posed by coronavirus, the House of Representatives shall remain in recess until at least April 20, according to Washington Examiner.

A Temporary Hiatus for the House: What to Know

The ongoing recess for the House of Representatives is ultimately designed to halt the spread of COVID-19. Bigger crowds contribute to the likelihood of the virus spreading; moreover, news about the House comes shortly after President Trump stretching the CDC’s social distancing guidelines through the month of April.

At this time, the date of April 20 is tentative. Democrats have stated that their recess could potentially last longer, depending on where the nation is with coronavirus at the time. Right now, one of the greatest priorities is stopping the spread; however, if lawmakers’ votes are required for COVID-19 bills, then representatives can expect to be called back to Washington.

How is America Fighting COVID-19?

The fight against coronavirus continues to take place at local, state, and national levels. Officials throughout all factions of government are taking actions to stop the spread and flatten the curve.

Certain cities and states have shelter-in-place orders, whereas others are encouraged to reduce hours or only permit a certain number of people inside nonessential businesses at once. Ultimately, everyone is doing their part to ensure that coronavirus is defeated as quickly and effectively as possible.
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