House Minority Leader Rejects Calls for Vaccine Passports

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Vaccine passport programs continue to engender debates across the world and especially here in the United States. Right now, Democrats are openly embracing and endorsing these programs; Republicans, by contrast, are speaking out against vaccine passports and acting to stop them from becoming the “new normal.” 

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At this point, countless GOP leaders and big names have condemned vaccine passports as anti-American and not something that should come into fruition. Days ago, former first son Donald Trump Jr. stated that Republicans have a responsibility to come out against vaccine passport programs and all the danger they’d bring to American freedoms. 

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined the growing list of Republicans who have balked at the notion of vaccine passports, according to Breitbart News

The GOP Leader on Vaccine Passports in the United States

Like many other Republicans, McCarthy has lauded the Operation Warp Speed Program; he’s also noted the benefits of so many Americans receiving their vaccinations against COVID-19. However, unlike the Democrats, the House Minority Leader is not supportive of a program involving vaccine passports in America. 

On Wednesday afternoon, Leader McCarthy sounded off against vaccine passports via Twitter. The top GOP congressional representative explained that vaccine passports are not in keeping with a “free society.”

McCarthy then pointed out that demanding citizens to carry and show vaccine passports is something that would happen in the communist nation of China, not in America. 

Surging Calls for Republican Governors to Ban Vaccine Passports

Thus far, Florida, Texas, and Idaho are the only three states in America to officially ban vaccine passports. At this time, the Florida state legislature is also in the process of codifying Governor DeSantis’ ban of vaccine passports in the state. 

Several other Republican governors are facing calls to ban vaccine passports in the state via executive order. Conservatives firmly believe that such programs would seriously erode freedoms and essentially make citizens the puppets of corporate entities and big government. 

Time will tell whether or not more Republican governors across America ban vaccine passports. Vaccine passports are a hot button issue that will impact not only the 2022 midterm races but also several state gubernatorial elections that are coming up next year. 

Do you agree with Leader McCarthy’s criticisms of vaccine passports? Would you like to see more Republican governors ban vaccine passports in their states? Let us know down below in the comments area.