House Judiciary Committee Chairman Accuses Trump Administration of "Child Abuse"

The accusations against the Trump administration continue to mount, particularly from Democrats with a vested interest in disparaging the president’s image. The left-wing keeps weighing in with their take on various policy issues; furthermore, they harbor absolutely no qualms about fabricating lies or promoting a doctored narrative when it suits them. At the end of the day, there are many people in this great nation who are able to see through the radical progressive lies; however, there are others who have fallen for it hook, line and sinker.

The latest accusation comes from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, according to Breitbart News. Yesterday, Nadler appeared on MSNBC for an interview and delivered some very serious statements about the president’s administration and the alleged events taking place at the United States Southern border.

A Closer Look at Nadler’s Claims

Put simply, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee maintains that children at the border are facing mistreatment from officials and agents in charge. Nadler furthermore slammed the conditions which migrant children are living in at the Southern border.

In Nadler’s own words:

“What we saw today was disgusting. When we were at the border a couple of months ago, although they didn’t let us talk to the kids, we saw very disgusting conditions then. This is inhumane and criminal. Frankly, I think it’s criminal. There ought to be prosecutions of some of the agency heads and some of the people for child abuse. This is clearly child abuse. It violates probably a half dozen laws.

The House Judiciary Committee chairman then stated that the Trump administration is “[determined] to torture people.”

“It’s just more of the administration determining to torture people in order to be a deterrent for people coming over the border which they no longer admit was the case, but admitted it a few months ago.”

The Crisis at the Southern Border

There are many interesting elements to this story. First and foremost, the Trump administration has been warning of a crisis at the Southern border for quite some time. This is something which Democrats routinely ignored or dismissed.

Secondly, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) members have also ongoingly warned that their resources are being overwhelmed. Once again, Democrats discarded this information and simply acted like it wasn’t true.

The crisis at the Southern border is continuing to become more and more apparent. Democrats are no longer able to sweep it under the rug. If children at the border are truly suffering in the manners which have been described, then that is unfortunate. However, it is worth noting how situations at the border have gotten to this point and what can be done to improve going forward.

What are your thoughts on Nadler’s claims about the Trump administration and the treatment of migrant children at the Southern border? Sound off in the comments section down below!