House Democrats Vote Down Proposed Mental Health Programs for Children

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At this point in America, mental health issues are at an all-time high. After almost a year of shutdowns, many people are struggling on a day-to-day basis. Millions of jobs are lost and certain businesses have shut their doors for good.

Meanwhile, families across the nation are having to make some very tough decisions. Sometimes these decisions come down to whether or not parents should pay for groceries or their utility bills. Many women have also been forced out of the workplace, due to the need to care for their children, rather than seeking new employment.

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Children, too, are facing a series of mental health crises. Extended time away from classrooms and peers is taking a toll on the social, educational, mental, and emotional development of children.

However, in spite of these challenges, House Democrats voted down an amendment to the American Rescue Plan that would have provided funding for children’s mental health programs, per Townhall.

The Rejected Amendment for Children’s Mental Health Programs

Iowa GOP Rep. Ashley Hinson proposed an amendment to the American Rescue Plan that would allocate $140 million towards mental health programs for children having a tough time with shutdowns. Instead of approving this amendment, House Democrats decided that the funds should instead go towards Speaker Pelosi’s California subway.

Hinson’s measure was ultimately voted down with 205 in favor, but 218 opposed. On the floor of the House of Representatives, the Iowa Republican did not mince words. Rep. Hinson explained that parents of children and frontline workers who are assisting young people with mental health issues received a “slap in the face” from Democrats who voted down the amendment.

Finally, Hinson also made sure to declare that the $140 million going towards Pelosi’s subway in California is one of the most egregious examples of “pork spending” in D.C.

The Plight of Children in America

Keeping children out of schools and classrooms is having real and devastating impacts. Despite these realities, pork spending and appeasement of the left-wing teachers’ unions are higher up on Democrats’ list of priorities than the well-being of America’s youth.

Since the House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan, the Senate will now have to vote. If the $1.9 trillion package does pass, then some very poor policies will go into effect.

Some moderate and centrist Democrats in the Senate have opposed certain aspects of the American Rescue Plan; however, time will tell whether these Democrats ultimately vote for or against the legislation.

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