Horrific – Biden Urged By Far-Left to Ignore China’s Human Rights Violations

A collection of 48 progressive organizations are urging President Biden and Congress members to ignore China’s severe human rights violations, especially genocide, in order to achieve climate collaboration.

The organizations asked that the US forsake its dominating adversarial stance to the Chinese govvernment; progressives want this in order to cooperate with the Chinese, per a letter issued to the U.S. government and members of Congress.

MoveOn, the Sunrise Campaign, and CODEPINK continued on to denounce the rising, nonpartisan anti-China language in Congress and the presidency. These groups are now claiming that it harmed the political and diplomatic connections needed to move forward courageously and productively.

Criticizing China’s Treatment of Minorities is “Racist”

The statement went on to mention that critiques of China were just being exploited to strengthen racists, right-wing groups in the U.S; this claim was made despite the fact that it really made no mention to any global outrage about Beijing.

Global warming, like the epidemic and so many of our most pressing problems, has no patriotic solutions, according to the letter.

To address the environmental catastrophe and develop a global market that benefits ordinary working people in the United States and China, we must move away from competition and towards collaboration.

The statement also suggested that the US collaborate with China to promote global standards in ecological, civil rights, economic, and democratic norms, ignoring China’s dismal performance on all fronts.

Beijing has been the subject of intense global scrutiny in recent years for its operations in demolishing democratic systems in Hong Kong; this comes as well as its reluctance to consider accountability for carelessness and a lack of accountability at the eruption of the coronavirus.

Nevertheless, Beijing has not let international tensions deter it from mass imprisonment of Uyghurs or hostile actions in the South China Sea.

Beijing, the world’s second-biggest economy after the United States, aims to participate in unfair business practices and theft of intellectual property.

After 2016, an estimated one million Uyghurs as well as other minority groups were jailed in the communist nation’s Xinjiang region.

The Chinese Claim Minorities Seek Independence

Such ethnic minorities are imprisoned in concentration camps and jails, in which they are exposed to intellectual repression, coerced to repudiate their faith and culture, and brutally mistreated.

As they have their distinct traditions, languages, and faith, Chinese government authorities claim to also have long believed Uyghurs of hiding separatist intentions.

Many authorities have utilized this to justify the extermination of Uyghurs in speeches and other presentations before the state-run media.

According to a BBC News investigation published in February 2020, the conduct they are condoning includes horrifying rape and torture in Uyghur concentration camps.

The communist officials barred the BBC from operating in the nation once the story was released.

As a consequence, US politicians on both sides of the spectrum have become increasingly critical of Beijing; this comes particularly in light of Beijing’s refusal to support inspectors into Wuhan to hunt down the source of COVID-19.

While liberals and moderate Dems argue about the party’s attitude on China (or whether the Democrats should rather concentrate on working together with the CCP to achieve actual progress in tackling climate change worldwide), China remains the world’s top source of pollution with little signs of progress.