Homelessness Surging in Leftist Communities

Elections have consequences, as do dystopian, left-wing policies. Right now, the impacts of leftist leadership are on full display. They’re more than apparent at the Southern border; they’re also evident in various left-wing cities like San Francisco, California and New York City. 

Crime in these leftist-run local areas is on the rise. Likewise, the plight of homelessness is becoming more and more pressing. As it turns out, left-wing policies are not good for small businesses or the livelihood of the everyday American. Similarly, high taxes also make it more difficult for people to afford housing and other essentials. 

According to Newsmax, the leftist state of New York is wrestling with homelessness in multiple areas. 

The Rising Plight of Homelessness in New York

In an unfortunate parallel to California, it is not uncommon for tents and campers used by the homeless to line various sidewalks. Much of this homeless is apparent in Manhattan and comes after work by New York City to reduce the number of residents staying in homeless shelters. 

Both the local and state government(s) of New York are taking flack for simply moving around the homeless. There’s no real plan to get these people off the streets or fix the issues that led to rampant homelessness in the first place. 

Different homeless advocacy groups have weighed in with their thoughts about what needs to happen in New York. However, the state’s leaders seem much more focused on COVID restrictions than on fixing the mess their policies created. 

Sadly, New York’s COVID restrictions are believed to have worsened already-existing issues in the state. Shutting down businesses and barring people from working does not bode well with keeping folks off the streets. 

The Root Cause of the Problem

At the end of the day, leftist leadership is the root cause of mass homelessness and other problems in places like California and New York. As long as these communities continue to embrace Democrat leadership, the results will not change. 

Several Democrats are already gearing up to enter into the mayoral race for New York City. Meanwhile, in California, Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is in the middle of facing a recall. Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner is presently running to unseat Newsom and bring some fiscal conservatism back to the Golden State. 

Ending mass homelessness will ultimately come down to elections and leaders. Americans who can afford to do so are already fleeing states like California and New York for places like Texas and Florida. 

What do you think about the mass homelessness issue in blue states like New York and California? Do you think these places will ever elect Republicans to fix the mess? Let us get your thoughts about homelessness in blue states down below in the comments section.