Holy Moly: Trump Triggered The MSM (Again). This Time It Involves Bibles…

Yet again, the left-wing’s manic hatred of President Trump is on display for all to see.

On Friday, the president traveled to Alabama in order to observe the ruins prompted by a recent tornado, as documented by Townhall. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, particularly when Democrats are involved.

The Bible Signing

During his time in the state, Trump shook hands with various supporters and even signed some Bibles at the request of the people who came to see him. Of course, this set off fury amongst the left-wing who simply couldn’t help themselves; they criticized everything from where the president issued his signature to the fact that he signed the Bibles at all.

Some of the most outrageous remarks about President Trump’s decision to sign the Bibles of his supporters read as follows:

However, despite the critics, other Americans noted that Bible signing in a tradition, particularly in Southern states. Furthermore, Wake Forest University School of Divinity’s founding dean noted that President Trump would have likely faced backlash had he refused to sign Bibles per the request of his supporters: 

“It would’ve been worse if he had said no because it would’ve seemed unkind, and this was at least one way he could show his concern along with his visit. In this setting, where tragedy has occurred and where he comes for this brief visit, we need to have some grace about that for these folks.”

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

When it comes to the leftist mob, President Trump can do no right. As previously stated, if President Trump had declined the requests to sign his supporters’ Bibles, the mainstream media would have ripped into him as cold, heartless, and selfish. Yet, the president still takes heat from people who believe that it was inappropriate for him to sign Bibles.

In this day and age, you simply can’t win with the Democrats or the radical left-wing.


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