High Fuel Prices Damage Biden Administration

The White House is rushing to show Americans it has a strategy to lessen their suffering at the pump. This arrives as fuel prices increase, thus feeding Americans’ inflation fears.

Does the Biden Administration Have a Solution?

As per three people acquainted with the conference, Biden advisers (including NSA advisor Jake Sullivan, leading economic councilor Brian Deese, senior advisor for Energy Policy Amos Hochstein, among others) managed to meet on Friday at the White House to discuss actions the government could take to lower energy prices.

According to those individuals, they examined a variety of solutions. These proposed solutions included releasing oil from the country’s strategic petroleum reserve to lower gasoline prices, limiting crude oil and gas imports, and even loosening biofuel mixing requirements for refineries.

Inflation has risen to levels not seen in more than decades, causing consumer moods to plummet in recent weeks. These rising prices are particularly noticeable in the gas sector, where the per barrel price has risen to its highest level in seven years.

Furthermore, with natural gas prices more than double what they were a year ago, homeowners should expect high heating bills this season. That electricity price spike comes at a bad time for the Biden government.

The Biden government was, just a few days ago, going to lead a delegation for the United Nations’ climate talks in Glasgow. This is as Democrats attempt to pass their $1.75 trillion bill, which includes the largest-ever effort to combat climate change.

To combat climate change, Democrats are favoring renewable power over oil, fossil fuels, and coal. Republicans now have an easy line of attack to emphasize the stark disparities in energy policies between the two parties.

The Public Will Continue to Suffer

“The people of the United States will pay a heavy price for the fuel that we are not generating in the nation,” Sen. John Barrasso warned at a Senate committee hearing earlier in the week.

“All Joe Biden did in Glasgow was implore OPEC+ to sell more energy and produce extra oil for the United States to purchase.”

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll issued last week, inflationary pressure has helped drop Biden’s popularity ratings down to just 41%.

About half of those polled blamed the White House for rising inflation, rather than supply chain concerns connected to the pandemic rebound, which most analysts blame for price increases.

Conservatives also blamed Biden for canceling the Keystone XL oil pipeline project in January and halting auctions of federal property for oil drilling later that month. Although, industry experts say those decisions had no immediate impact on supplies or pricing.

Now, word has it the Biden administration is looking to shut down yet another pipeline, this one being Line 5.