Hero Soldier Runs Rescue Mission in Afghanistan

A veteran US soldier claimed he helped at least 30 at-risk Afghans, mainly Christians, from across restricted borders in Pakistan. He was then attacked by terrorists, as a result of his actions.

The Hero’s Story

Around a month earlier, the Afghan national traveled to Pakistan and then illegally entered Afghanistan to save his family.

After the Taliban gained control of Kabul, families hid in the city, thinking they would be executed because of a family tie to a military staff sergeant and their own previous activity against the extremist group.

The retired staff sergeant told reporters, “they claim on the headlines there is no US military in Afghanistan. However, I’m here, and I’ll assist you for as long as you need me.”

“I’m a true American warrior,” the Afghanistan soldier said after being discharged, due to brain injuries. “I swore an oath, and I will never forget it.” To safeguard the soldier and his wife from the Taliban, Fox News gave them privacy.

Since his visit to Afghanistan, the military veteran claims to have saved Catholics, as well as other Christians and Hazara ethnicities who are all Taliban victims.

The retired staff sergeant told Fox News, “It feels amazing bringing them out, rescuing them from terrorists.” He claimed to have assisted a family of ten Afghan Christians in fleeing.

He also aided a couple who recently switched to Catholicism and were “in peril” as a result of their faith, according to the soldier. “They began snitching on them because everyone in their community heard about it.”

The solider said he and three Afghan nomads assisted them in crossing the Pakistani national border. The couple eventually made their way to a third country.

The Soldier Got Caught by the Taliban

“I did get caught by the Taliban on my journey back from this region; they whipped me on the back,” the retired staff sergeant told reporters.

“This was only seven times and it would have been terrible if they realized I just assisted a Catholic family in escaping. It gets a lot worse.”

In the meantime, the Taliban raided one of the family’s hideouts, forcing them to exit through a rear entrance. During the getaway, his niece, a journalist, was hurt.

“I had no reason to come here myself aside from learning my family’s residence had been ambushed again,” the retired staff sergeant told Fox News. “I have yet to hear from our government regarding any form of aid.”

“I pleaded with the US government for assistance,” the soldier told Fox News. “No, I didn’t get any.” However, the veteran added moving his family from Afghanistan to Pakistan was not feasible since the large family had to travel through about 30 Taliban roadblocks.

Following his appearance with Fox News, the veteran stated he was successful in assisting his family in escaping, but not to Pakistan. He also stated they had 28 days to find a way into the country they are in; if they fail, they will be expelled back to Afghanistan and into the clutches of the Taliban.