Health Insurance Expert Warns Against "Free" Care for Illegals

Within the recent weeks of the 2020 election season, Democrat candidates have undoubtedly clarified where they stand on illegal immigration. During the first primary debate, all candidates pledged that their healthcare proposals would cover free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Of course, this happens as many American citizens continue to run into issues and struggle to remain afloat from day to day as it.

Of course, this push to reward those who unlawfully enter the nation with free healthcare is another matter entirely. Granting, it is a leftist value which many Americans are resisting. The country would be in a much better place as a whole if the Democrat Party turned their attention from illegal immigrants and towards the American citizens in desperate need of help; this is especially true considering the warning against providing free healthcare to illegals, as documented by Breitbart News.

The Warning Against Free Healthcare

We all know that free healthcare isn’t really “free.” Nothing in life ever is. Someone always foots the bill and, in the case of illegal immigrants and healthcare, the American taxpayers will be the one to pick up the hefty tab. This is a reality which Democrats don’t really care about; their lack of care is more than apparent in their policies which continue to give the short end of the stick to people in this country.

Linda Blumberg, a health insurance expert, has already warned that a series of problems will follow the provision of free healthcare to illegal immigrants. Blumberg also noted that even nations with socialist-style healthcare systems don’t just hand out free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

In Blumberg’s own words:

“[Free healthcare would generate] strong incentives for people with serious health problems to enter the country or remain longer than their visas allow in order to get government-funded care.”

Despite the warning against free healthcare for illegal immigrants, there is no doubt that Democrats will continue to support this. The Democrat Party’s shift to the far left has become abundantly clear. Their rejection of any policies which would even closely help the people of this country is sad. There was a time where the Democrat Party did not embrace radical far leftism.

Incentivizing Illegal Immigration

Contrary to what certain individuals may believe, Democrats know exactly what they are doing. The warning from Blumberg is not news to progressives; they know that providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants will not only rack up taxes for Americans, but also serve as a beacon to migrants who are dealing with issues in other parts of the world. Illegal immigration is problematic enough as is; the last thing anyone should be doing is fostering incentives for migrants to break United States immigration laws.

Democrats of today lack the desire to truly aid the people of this country and that’s become abundantly clear. If the left-wing was truly for the working class as they proport themselves to be, they wouldn’t be championing for reforms which involve taking more income from the working class and prioritizing criminals.

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