Health Experts Want Americans in Face Masks for Years

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

The issue of face masks continues to dominate ongoing culture wars in America. As Democrats, and some Republicans, rally behind face masking and face mask mandates, a growing portion of Americans are pushing back.
Many people across the nation have noted that ordinances are not laws and are, therefore, not enforceable. Others have asserted that forcing Americans to wear face coverings in public is a civil rights violation. Many people with concerns about mask mandates also believe that such requirements are a prerequisite to forced vaccinations.

Now, a new report from Fox News shows that health “experts” are calling for Americans to wear face masks for YEARS. This certainly will not sit well with individuals who already take issue with compulsory face-masking.

Why Experts Want You in a Face Mask for Years on End

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security scholar Eric Toner believes that Americans will — and should — be in face coverings for quite some time to come.
According to Toner, cases of coronavirus are expected to surge, rather than eventually decline. Additionally, the senior scholar maintains that social distancing and face mask-wearing should continue until a coronavirus vaccine becomes available.
In a statement, Toner professed that people across the nation should “happily” live with face coverings and social distancing “for years.” The scholar also professed that Americans who take issue with face masks will eventually “get over it” once enough individuals contract or die from COVID-19.

Will Americans “Get Over” Aversions to Face Masks?

At this time, there is no evidence to indicate that people will merely “get over” issues with face masks and mandates for face masks.
Many Americans across the nation are pushing back against “requirements” for face coverings en masse. Several governors and other leaders across the nation are already facing lawsuits for the face mask mandates they’ve put into effect. Likewise, protests against forced face-coverings have increased in recent weeks.
Toner’s remarks about years of face masking until a coronavirus vaccine are already making the rounds on social media. Americans have noted that health “experts” initially claimed that face masks weren’t effective in stopping coronavirus; now, health officials have done a swift about-face, calling for years of Americans in face masks.
Would you be willing to wear a face mask and engage in social distancing for years and years on end? Will you accept the coronavirus vaccine when it comes out? Let us know in the comments section below!