Harris: Trump Trying to "Distract" Americans from COVID-19

"Kamala Harris" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As President Trump and the White House coronavirus task force take action, criticism from Democrats remains ongoing.
One of the most prominent left-wing talking points is that Trump shouldn’t be promoting hydroxychloroquine as a potential solution to coronavirus. What the leftists won’t admit, though, is that Trump’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine saved the life of Michigan Democrat Rep. Karen Whitsett. Whitsett has since thanked the president and credited him for helping save her life.

Back in the news is failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris. During yesterday’s appearance on CNN, the Democrat senator claimed that President Trump doesn’t know how to handle COVID-19. Breitbart News also noted Harris’ claim that Trump is trying to “distract” Americans from the present situation at hand.

Harris on Trump’s Management of Coronavirus

When speaking with news anchor Anderson Cooper, Harris had quite a bit to say about the president and his response to coronavirus.
The failed presidential candidate declared that she’s “tired” of waiting on Trump to “act like a president.” This statement came shortly after Harris baselessly accused Trump of “deflecting” from the ongoing crisis and before she knocked the current president as an “abject failure.”

Towards the ending of her time on CNN, Harris accused Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin of “cutting” checks that will be issued to Americans as coronavirus economic relief. The unsuccessful presidential candidate also professed that Mnuchin ought to decree that debt collectors are barred from taking stimulus payments to settle debts.

Facts vs. Fake News

It is in keeping with CNN’s history and agenda to air outright lies about the president with no second thoughts.

Harris’ statements do not reflect the reality of how Trump or his coronavirus task force has gone about handling COVID-19. If the president truly wished to “deflect” from coronavirus, he wouldn’t host daily press briefings about the virus; these briefings can sometimes run as long as 2.5 hours.
One thing is for sure: Trump has done more than Harris to take on coronavirus and provide support to the American people.
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