Gretchen Whitmer Slammed for Violating Her Own Social Distancing Rules

"Michigan State Senator Gretchen Whitmer" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Michigan Municipal League (MML)

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has made national headlines for her strict response to coronavirus. Despite facing multiple lawsuits from the Michigan State Legislature and others, Whitmer continued to stand by her shutdown for quite some time; she even extended it five consecutive times.
Even though the Michigan governor is rolling back shutdown restrictions in the state and giving businesses the green light to reopen, she still has guidelines. One of the central guidelines for both businesses and residents in the state of Michigan is social distancing.

In light of the aforementioned realities, one might assume that Governor Whitmer is abiding by her own guidelines; however, such an assumption would be inaccurate.
As a matter of fact, Whitmer is facing censure concerning her breaking social distancing to virtue-signal at a Black Lives Matter rally, confirms Fox News.

Why Did Whitmer Break Social Distancing?

For weeks, Democrats spent time lecturing Americans about the danger of large gatherings. Left-wing elected officials claimed that anyone assembling in groups and failing to stay six feet apart was spreading coronavirus. Even as some states begin reopening, many Democrats are continuing to harp on and on about social distancing.
As per usual though, the left has rules for others and then a separate set of rules for themselves. Americans were given yet another example of this earlier in the week.

On Thursday, the Michigan governor threw social distancing to the wind when she joined a far-left Black Lives Matter march. In photos of Whitmer’s presence at the march, she was not only seen as a member of a large gathering, but she also failed to stay six feet apart from others.
In the wake of backlash, a spokesperson for the governor of Michigan claimed that she did not, in fact, breach her own social distancing guidelines. However, the photos of Whitmer at the march tell a very different story.
What do you think about the Michigan governor violating her own social distancing orders? If rioters and Democrat leaders don’t have to social distance, should Americans be forced to social distance? Weigh in with your takes in the comments section below!