Green New Deal Will Hurt Blue-Collar Workers

Since the introduction of the Green New Deal, Americans with any shred of sense have known that the legislation is unrealistic and wasteful.
However, new feedback on the Green New Deal has affirmed that the impacts of it would be devastating enough on blue-collar workers to drive them away from the Democrat Party, as documented by Fox News.

New Commentary on the Green New Deal

There are a plethora of problematic aspects associated with the dreadful Green New Deal. However, according to political law professor Jessica Levinson, the success of this legislation would massively backfire on the Democrats.
Put simply, the Green New Deal would cause too much disruption amongst blue-collar workers who have grown accustomed to their jobs. Now, Democrats will say that the Green New Deal will generate new jobs for each one that it eradicates; although, this still wouldn’t sit well for many Americans.
In Levinson’s own words:

“The Green New Deal may be the darling of the Democratic Party, but it really divides the Democrats on a fault line, which is more of the elites against the working class Democrats who are concerned about losing their jobs.”

The professor furthermore stated that training blue-collar workers for “greener” jobs may not be wanted or even realistically possible.

Problems and Terrible Solutions

At this point, Americans have seen this narrative play out time and time again. Democrats will identify (or even cause) a problem and then they’ll put forth a terrible solution which only exacerbates the present issues at hand. The Green New Deal is a very fine example. The reality is that doing away with air travel, gas-fueled cars, and providing economic aid to those who are “unwilling” to work is simply not realistic.
In wanting to turn everything in this country “green,” Democrats have apparently forgotten about the tons of working class Americans who would suffer in the middle of all this. Democrats have forgotten, but blue-collar workers haven’t and will be incentivized to vote elsewhere if the Democrat Party continues pushing for the socialist Green New Deal.
How do you feel about the latest update on blue-collar workers and the Green New Deal? Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section down below!
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