Green New Deal? Biggest US City To Go ‘100 Percent Renewable’ Lost Millions On Solar, Wind Contracts


The socialist utopia known as the Green New Deal continues to be exposed as the horrific and unrealistic leftist pipe dream that it is. Officials of Georgetown, Texas are speaking out about the catastrophic results associated with even beginning to implement the Green New Deal, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Flaws in the Green New Deal

As Americans on both sides of the aisle are aware, the Green New Deal is one of the most outrageous, radical proposals. It is so extreme and yet, despite backlash, 2020 Democratic candidates and other far leftists continue to throw their support behind it. However, a real-life situation has served as a recent testament to just how insane the Green New Deal actually is.

Since 2016, Georgetown has spent a grand total of 30 million dollars on switching to energy which is 100% renewable. As one might expect, the subsequent results of this experiment have not yielded success. Electrity costs have surged and taxpayers are the ones who have been stuck with footing the bill. ¬†Ironically, Georgetown spent more capital on acquiring wind and solar power even though the city does not need much of that power and doesn’t even get access to all of it. In other words, it’s socialism in a nutshell.

The Lesson to be Learned

Socialism has failed each and every time it has been implemented or attempted. This is not an opinion. This is a historically based fact. So long as Democrats continue to push for socialism in various forms, it will continue to fail. The Green New Deal is nothing more than a far-left, radical pipe dream. It is not practical. It is not efficient and it will never work. The few sensible Democrats which remain have pointed this out to their more extreme counterparts within the party.


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