GOP Senators Slammed as "Cowards," "Insufferable"

Last week, the Senate body collectively voted against a motion which would have permitted additional witnesses and testimonies in the impeachment trial.

This decision came after Democrats’ claims of having a rock-solid, “beyond a doubt” case against President Trump. Liberal lawmakers had no qualms about professing their confidence regarding the claims surrounding impeachment articles; yet, they completely fell apart upon learning that Republican senators aren’t going to let Democrats drag out the trial.

President Trump at the Signing Ceremony by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump at the Signing Ceremony” (Public Domain) by The White House

Due to the GOP Senate’s determination to hold their ground and not allow House Democrats to manipulate them, Republicans have faced an onslaught of attacks. From character smears to questions about absent courage, Democrats’ position here is quite clear. When they can’t bully people into doing what they want, they’ll immediately lash out against them.

This is the path that Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters choose on Saturday when she attacked the Republican Party and conservative lawmakers via Twitter.

Why Waters Loathes Republican Senators

The rage that Waters (and other Democrats) harbor(s) towards GOP senators is a direct offshoot of knowing that the left has lost this game. The Friday vote all but cleared an easy pathway for an acquittal of the president, an acquittal that’s now projected to occur this Wednesday.

Contrary to what Democrats have told Americans, they know their sham is the weakest, thinnest, and fastest in United States history. Their call for more witnesses in the Senate was merely an admission of the aforementioned knowledge, combined with desperation to solidify a case they touted as “beyond a doubt.”

During Waters’ Twitter tirade, she called on Americans to “wake up,” slamming the GOP as without “shame” and “guts.” The representative also branded President Trump as a “lying criminal con man” before declaring that Republican senators are “insufferable” and “pathetic.”

Considering the Source

When facing character attacks and reckless smears of this nature, remembering the source is always imperative.

Not only is Waters a Democrat, but she also has a history of making unhinged, out-there remarks. The representative is on record stating that President Trump should be incarcerated in solitary confinement. Moreover, Waters made headlines in 2017 after urging groups of supporters to “push back” on members of the Trump administration upon seeing them in public.

Representative Maxine Waters by majunznk, on Flickr

Representative Maxine Waters” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by majunznk

To claim that this representative is in no position to be deeming anyone as spineless or insufferable would be the understatement of the century. Like other House Democrats, Waters knew where this impeachment sham would go upon arrival in the Senate.

Republicans, from day one, made clear their lack of support for these proceedings very apparent. Nevertheless, Democrats stuffed their sham through the House and they’re now angry because Republicans won’t let them dictate what happens in the Senate.

America should prepare for additional rage tweets from Waters and other Democrats following the president’s acquittal later this week.

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