GOP Rep: Republicans Called Dems’ Bluff on Vote to Make Mueller Report Public

“As keeping with the popular trend in politics, there are countless occasions where things are not as they appear to be.

New developments from Townhall report that the House’s resolution which urged for the publicization of Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation turned out to be nothing but a ploy against Republicans.

Everything You Need to Know

Republican House Rep. Doug Collins was able to see the Democrats’ ploy for what it was and call their bluff. The representative furthermore shared his findings during an interview with Fox News.

In Collins’ own words:

“It was a political stunt by the Democrats who felt that they could divide Republicans into voting no upon it because at the end of the day after I looked at it, when they dropped it … they said this is nothing but simply a first-year law student’s restatement of what the regular regulations say that Mr. Barr is going to have to do.”

The GOP House representative then continued, stating that Democrats carried out this political stunt due to a lack of legislation on their end which will actually garner votes.

“They have no agenda. They have nothing that they can actually put on the floor. So they wasted an entire week of the American taxpayers’ dollar to actually put a report on the floor that said nothing, basically except the same thing the regulations say that Mr. Barr needs to do. So we just called their bluff and just said, fine, we can vote for this, because this is exactly what Bill Barr said he’s going to do.”

What Democrats Never Saw Coming

Democrats may have been playing games, but their little stunt certainly backfired. The resolution which they brought forth actually passed with unanimous votes. Even President Trump threw his support behind the resolution, citing the need for transparency.

This is likely something which the left-wing never saw coming. It’s highly probable that they expected the GOP to bicker amongst themselves regarding whether or not the resolution ought to become public.

Game on!


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