GOP Leaders Call for Investigation Into COVID-19 Origins

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Finally some action! Two House GOP leaders are calling for an investigation into the origins of the now catastrophic COVID-19 virus: a pandemic that has killed almost half the people the holocaust did in just two years. 

“Steve Scalise” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The calls come from House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Rep. James Comer, the top Republicans on the House Oversight Committee.

The Letter from House Republicans

In a letter, they pushed for the investigation to Democrat James Clyburn and Carolyn Maloney, Scalise, and Comer; this letter also revealed evidence that the Chinese Communist Party covered up the virus’ origins and used the Word Health Organization to help obscure the intensity of the original outbreak.

Among other things, the CCP also used the outbreak to steal American medical research.

The initial response from the Chinese government to the then-novel coronavirus is very telling. Most notable was the decision to silence doctors who attempted to alert the rest of the world to the developing crisis in December 2019. The government even failed to acknowledge the virus was contagious until January 2020.

China Refuses to Share Data

It is important to note that even now, after more than two years since the outbreak, the Chinese government is still refusing to provide key data recorded on early COVID-19 patients.  A WHO team sent to Wuhan to investigate the origins of the virus admitted that they did not complete a full investigation or audit on any lab in Wuhan.

Although the team sent to Wuhan determined that it was extremely unlikely the virus leaked out of a lab, this was instantly challenged by many critics who revealed that three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized in November 2019 with COVID-19 symptoms.

This was initially reported by the Wall Street Journal, which received the information from a still disclosed US intelligence report.

US State Department Fact Sheet

When the US State Department released a fact sheet in January, the details revealed by the WSJ were consistent with those mentioned in the undisclosed intelligence report. The fact sheet confirmed several researchers got sick with COVID symptoms before December 2019. The fact sheet also pointed out that the lab had been conducting research on bat coronaviruses since about 2016.

Scalise and Comer highlighted all of this in their letter calling for the investigation into the origins of the virus in China. The letter also pointed out that when the GOP previously attempted to launch an investigation and hold the Chinese government accountable, they were shut down by the Democrats. 

“Repeatedly, we called for a full investigation,” said the letter, “Repeatedly, you ignored.” One wonders why the Democrat members are so reluctant to get to the bottom of the situation and find accountability.

Perhaps it’s political connections or pride that holds them back, but hats off to the GOP for trying once again to find the truth.