GOP Accused of Opposing "Trumpism"

"President Trump Departs for PA" (Public Domain) by The White House

At this time, President Trump continues to enjoy nearly perfect approval ratings from the Republican Party. The vast majority of conservatives support the president and his policies; a few examples of the president’s most popular policies include support for law enforcement, secure borders, and lower taxes.

In the political sphere, many commentator make a point of noting distinctions between conservatives and establishment Republicans. Moreover, certain political pundits even speculate that certain establishment figures within the GOP are against the president, despite his strong base across the country.
During a recent interview, Fox News host Tucker Carlson echoed the aforementioned sentiments. To the surprise of many conservatives, the Fox News host stated that the Republican Party itself has issues with “Trumpism,” according to Washington Examiner.

The Republican Party, Trumpism, and More

While speaking about the Republican Party’s relationship with President Trump, Carlson opined that the GOP is “afraid of Trump” and doesn’t wish to spar with him. The Fox News host continued, claiming that the Republican Party “hates” the president’s ideas and his 2016 campaign strongholds.

Later in the interview, Carlson stated that Republicans in Washington D.C. (including those in the White House) are particularly averse to the president’s “ideas.” However, Carlson didn’t cite by name which D.C. GOPers he views as opposed to Trumpism.
Finally, the Fox News host suggested that President Trump’s approval ratings would climb to the mid-60% range if he bettered his communication skills.

Response from Conservatives

Many conservatives have long taken issue with particular establishment Republicans and NeverTrumpers who claim to be conservatives. However, Carlson’s criticism of certain top Trump aides has generated pushback from conservatives as well.
Supporters of President Trump questioned the notion that certain aides around him are against what he stands for. After the murder of George Floyd, Carlson infamously stated that Republicans like Vice President Mike Pence and others had failed to take appropriate action to cease violent outbreaks throughout the nation.

The Fox News host has also remained critical of Jared Kushner, President Trump’s top adviser and son-in-law. During a segment on his show, Carlson accused Kushner of “subverting” the president’s instincts that triggered his election victory in 2016.
Do you beleive the Republican Party struggles with Trumpism? Are top Republicans truly opposed to the values and ideas of President Trump? Be sure to let us know what you think of Tucker Carlson’s claims about the GOP in the comment section below!