Google: Get Vaccinated or Get Fired!

Google has extended a COVID vaccination requirement to its workers, stating they must receive both doses by January 18 or risk a range of disciplinary proceedings that might lead to their firing.

The Ultimatum

Google offered workers until December 3 to disclose their vaccination records with the business or request a medical/religious exemption, according to a document acquired by CNBC.

Following the announcements, the corporation stated it will contact anyone who did not respond, was unvaccinated, or had their waivers denied.

Employees who do not comply with the immunization guidelines by the deadline of January 18 will be placed on ‘paid suspension’ for 30 days, according to CNBC. After that, they’ll be placed on ‘unpaid extended leave’ for up to six months before being fired.

Google will soon require its employees to come into the office three days a week, putting an end to the stay-at-home workplace culture that became so popular during the coronavirus era.

Biden is Behind This

President Joe Biden said in September the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the DepartmentĀ of Labor will force private enterprises with 100 or more employees to adopt immunization mandates or compel weekly negative test results.

The president took nearly two months to reveal the specifics of his plan, which would not take effect until January 2022. A corporation that fails to comply with the rule might face a punishment of $136,532 in fines.

However, as the weeks passed, the president’s strategy continued to face legal challenges, culminating in a federal judge ordering a preliminary injunction in late November. This injunction wound up blocking his nationwide vaccination mandate for health professionals.

A federal judge struck down the COVID vaccination requirement for federal contractors a week later. In doing this, the federal judge wound up finding the claimants are “certain [to] prevail in their allegation that Biden violated the power provided to him by Congress.”

Despite the legal challenges, the Biden government has consistently urged businesses to comply with the order, a strategy that Google-backed.

According to Google’s memo, “We anticipate almost all positions at Google in the United States will fall under the scope of the executive action.”

“Anyone accessing a Google facility must be properly immunized or have an authorized lodging that allows people to work or come onsite,” according to the company. A negative result, according to the business, will no longer be a feasible alternative to immunization.

Workers Fight Back

Hundreds of Google employees have written and shared a manifesto against the company’s COVID vaccination mandate, presenting the greatest obstacle for management as major deadlines for bringing staff to their offices in-person approach.

The Biden government has ordered all U.S. enterprises with 100 or more employees to have their personnel properly immunized or screened for COVID-19 by January 4.

As per secret memos seen by CNBC, Google requested its more than 150,000 workers to submit their vaccination records to its internal operations by Dec. 3, whether they intend to come into work or not.