Georgia Pushes Back on Proposed Boycotts in Response to Election Integrity Bill

"Georgia National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Last week, the state of Georgia passed an election integrity bill known as S.B. 202. This legislation requires absentee ballot voters to present photo ID; S.B. 202 additionally sets in place guidelines for ballot drop boxes and ultimately ensures that cheating in Georgia elections is significantly difficult. 

“Georgia National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Unfortunately, the legislation to secure elections in the Peach State is facing pushback. Democrats aren’t happy; moreover, several leftist groups have already filed lawsuits against S.B. 202 in the hopes of having it blocked. 

Some people are even now calling for a boycott of Georgia businesses as a form of retaliation against S.B. 202. On Monday, Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp pushed back against boycott calls, as reported by Breitbart News

Pushback Against Calls to Boycott Georgia

Earlier this week, Governor Kemp of Georgia spoke with Fox News. Kemp stated that choosing to boycott Georgia businesses in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic is nothing short of “absolutely ridiculous.” 

When asked by Fox News about whether or not he believes boycotts of Peach State businesses will cause harm, the Georgia Republican governor responded. Kemp explained that while he does not believe a potential boycott could cause Georgia businesses to collapse, the notion is still wrong. 

The Republican governor furthermore explained that many of the folks calling to boycott businesses in Georgia do not live in the state. After pointing this out, Kemp additionally noted that individuals encouraging a Georgia boycott are doing so for financial gain and not out of genuine concern about S.B. 202. 

A Full-on Assault from Democrats

Ever since Georgia passed S.B. 202, Democrats have launched a full-on assault against the state. Virtually every leftist has come out and incorrectly declared that the election integrity bill is nothing more than voter suppression.

In the lawsuits against S.B. 202, Democrats also argue that Georgians of color will suffer disproportionate attacks against their voting rights. Days ago, President Biden fanned the flames by referring to S.B. 202 as a Jim Crow bill. There is no doubt that liberal activists will continue to target Georgia, especially as S.B. 202 is challenged in court. 

Georgia Republicans, however, remain committed to upholding clean and honest elections in the Peach State. 

What do you think of Democrats seeking to hurt Georgia businesses as a form of payback for the state passing election integrity legislation? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments section below.