Gabbard Censures Poor Press Around Her Campaign

The Democrat establishment is not very kind to members of their own party who fail to toe the line. This reality has proven itself time and time again in presidential elections, especially in 2020. While the DNC infamously colluded against Bernie Sanders in 2016, the party is employing even more underhanded strategies against 2020 candidates who they view as problematic.

President Trump at Davos by The White House, on Flickr

President Trump at Davos” (Public Domain) by The White House

It is a known fact that the DNC has many wings of the press in their pocket; this explains why negative press, or no press at all, often surrounds candidates who fail to fall in line with the Democrat establishment. Anyone who is really paying attention can also see that the DNC likes for their nominee to be a puppet, loved by the establishment, and easy to control. This is why Hillary Clinton was nominated in 2016 and it’s why Joe Biden will likely win this year’s nomination.

Earlier this week, outlier 2020 Democrat Tulsi Gabbard censured the poor press that often surrounds her campaign with lies and smears, per reports from Washington Examiner.

A Close Review of Gabbard’s Take on the Press

During a campaign event in Keene, New Hampshire, Gabbard faced a question about whether or not she anticipated “to be smeared so viciously” by the mainstream media. Since her time as a candidate, the war veteran has been falsely branded as a Russian asset, a trojan horse to the Democrat Party, etc. During one of the earlier primary debates, Gabbard called out publications like CNN and the New York Times for spreading said smears, branding them as “absolutely despicable.”

The 2020 Democrat responded to the question asked of her by stating her initial awareness that the media wouldn’t do her “any favors.” Gabbard proceeded, explaining that from the inception of her candidacy, the mainstream media immediately commenced with false accusations and character smears. Moreover, the war veteran contrasted her media coverage with that of Pete Buttigieg, the only other veteran running for office.

Gabbard explained that press for Buttigieg’s campaign is “largely positive.” Meanwhile, the mainstream media neglects to mention the historical milestone of Gabbard being the first female combat veteran to seek the presidency. Shortly thereafter, the 2020 Democrat concluded her answer, stating that Americans can only hope for “truth” and “fairness” from the press.

Why Democrats Smear Tulsi Gabbard

Once a rising star in the Democrat Party, Gabbard took immense heat after the extent of the DNC’s 2016 collusion against Bernie Sanders came to light. Since then, Gabbard has also sparred with Hillary Clinton, a most infamous establishment member within the Democrat Party. Clinton was one of the first people to spread the hoax belief that Gabbard is a Russian asset; this prompted many Americans from Bernie Sanders to President Trump to defend Gabbard.

Tulsi Gabbard with media by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Tulsi Gabbard with media” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Since the 2020 presidential election, some Democrats have frowned on Gabbard’s willingness to call out issues with her own party. Last year, Sen. Kamala Harris attacked the war veteran for appearing on Fox News; Gabbard moreover took heat for her interest in meeting with Trump after he won the 2016 election.

In a nutshell, Democrats smear Tulsi Gabbard because they cannot control her. Ironically, the left’s smears and use of fake news is why their party will continue to go further and further down the toilet.

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