Freedom Wins in UK Battle over COVID Vaccine Passports

British Health Minister Sajid Javid said on Sunday that vaccination passports will not be required for clubs, theatres, and other big public facilities in England. This comes as a significant compromise to anti-lockdown elements inside the Tory Party.

As such, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s administration has backpedaled on unpopular plans to create vaccination visas locally; the administration is also expected to terminate extreme emergency powers granted to the government underneath the Coronavirus Act.

On Sunday, Health Minister Sajid Javid sent a message regarding vaccine cards on the BBC’s Andrew Marr television show. Javid declared that he’s delighted to report they will never be going ahead with proposals.

They will not do something just for the sake of doing it, Javid said

While he cannot offer any specific assurances at this time, the health secretary also stated that he does not anticipate further lockdowns to be enforced on the country. He adding that he remains unsure how they’re going to implement another shutdown.

The administration made a sharp U-turn in July because Prime Minister Boris Johnson said through the end of September (when everyone over 18 will have had their own opportunity to be doubled-jabbed) the UK was planning on making full immunization the requirement for entrance to bars, clubs, and other areas where big crowds assemble.

Johnson also claimed it would no longer be sufficient to show that a COVID test was negative. On Tuesday, Mr. Johnson will spell out his coronavirus preparations for the winter; during this time, he is expected to announce a reduction in the administration’s coronavirus powers.


The Prime Minister is also scheduled to retract Coronavirus Act powers. This includes the capacity for police forces to detain possibly infectious citizens permanently; it also entails the capacity to take down parts of the economy or restrict demonstrations and other large events.

This comes as one of his first significant concessions to the Right-Wing Party’s more conservative sectors.

The Government Will Only Focus on Vaccine Rollouts

Rather than issuing vaccine certificates, the government will focus on its booster immunization program, according to The New York Times. This comes after Johnson’s scientific experts told him that the vaccines should be adequate to avoid another catastrophic winter surge of the Chinese coronavirus.

Immunization is the first line of defense, a top government official told the newspaper. On certification, the UK government listened to MPs. They don’t think it’s necessary, so they’ll keep it in reserve. They’d consider masks or a switch to working from home, only if things became very bad.

Booster shots are anticipated to begin being distributed this fall, with the elderly and vulnerable being given priority. The statement will, however, include assurance that vaccinations for children ages 12 to 15 years old will commence on September 22nd.

Despite inconsistent indications from ministries on the subject, the kid immunization program will apparently contain an option for parental permission.