France Stops Mass IS Attack

In the aftermath of the shocking fire that toppled the main spire and much of the roof of the Notre Dame (Our Lady) Cathedral in Paris, France on April 15, 2019, French officials announced they recently foiled a massive terrorist plot engineered by Islamic State (IS) activists.
On April 29, three adults and a minor were arrested. The minor had a prior conviction, when he was 15 years old in February 2017, for attempting to travel to and enter Syria in order to team up with the Islamic State (IS) militant Islamic army. He served one of three years sentenced at an educational facility and was on probation at the time of his recent arrest.
A source close to the investigation indicated that the three adults had been involved in common law offenses with no previous association with terrorist groups or acts.
The arrest of the four suspected Muslim terrorists was the culmination of an inquiry that began on Feb. 1 this year. Christophe Castaner, Interior Minister of France, told reporters:
“Four people are being held over a plan to carry out an extremely violent terror attack.”
The French internal intelligence service DGSI (General Directorate for Internal Security) is leading the investigation and announced that those arrested are “individuals suspected of preparing imminent violent acts, susceptible to target security forces.”
No details of the planned attack were released, but “sources” said the four men “had acquired weapons for an ‘extremely violent attack.”
One police source said the weapons had been assembled “with a view to committing a terrorist act.”
Since a wave of Muslim attacks in 2015 that slay in excess of 250 infidels (non-Muslims), French law enforcement has been on red alert. The IS continues to urge its faithful religious activists to target police and soldiers in France.
Last month, U.S. President Donald J. Trump announced the fall of the IS “caliphate” in Syria and predicted that ISIS would be “gone by tonight.”
That didn’t happen, as evidenced not only by recent acts of terrorism in France and elsewhere in Europe, but according to a report released recently that reveals some shocking truths.
The Black and White Book of Terrorism in Europe “is a project spearheaded by Spanish MEP [Member of the European Parliament] and president of the Foundation for Victims of Terrorism, Maité Pagazaurtundua.”
The European terrorism book named each of the 753 people killed in terrorist attacks between 2000 and 2018 within the territory of the European Union (EU).
It also counted “Europeans who have been victims of terrorism outside the Community borders during the same period,” which amounted to 1,115 people: “tourists, expatriate workers, humanitarian staff, journalists, agents Armed Forces.”
A total of 1,868 people in Europe were killed in that eight-year period, aged 1 to 90 years old. The report indicated:
“The vast majority (1,703 people, 91.1%) were victims of “jihadist terrorism”, with nearly 20% of suicide bombings.” 111 people were termed victims of “nationalist terrorism.” Other French deaths by terrorism were attributed to far-right activists (14 deaths), far-left activists (13 deaths), an animal (1 death), and 26 cases of “unknown” origin or “without complaint.”
Let’s restate that:
91 percent – slightly more than one out of ten – of terrorist victims in Europe between 2000 and 2018 were killed by Muslim extremists.
“Islamaphobia” is baseless bunk: the threat of Islam is clear and present. These militants mean business and that business is to cleanse the planet of all undesirable and sub-class infidels. Muslims make no secret of this, even as they label a fear of their religion a groundless (and silly) phobia – which is an unreasonable and unwarranted fear.
The report also logged the names, ages, nationalities, and occupations of each victim, as well as the date, place, type of terrorism used against them, and the weapon(s) used.
Elisabeth Pelsez, the inter-ministerial delegate tasked with helping terrorist attack victims, said of the detailed compilation:
“Forgetfulness is the worst thing” and preserving a detailed written record is “the way to remember them.”
Speaking March 5, 2019 at a press conference in Paris, Pelsez pointed out the ripple effects these atrocities have brought to la Belle France:
“The victims are the dead part, let’s not forget the physically or psychically injured, about 10 to 20 people for one death.”
Spain leads Europe is deaths by terrorist acts with France coming in a close second: 268 deaths in Spain over the past 18 years versus 263 in France for the same time period.
The book that lists victims of terrorism in Europe includes “a map of terrorism in the European Union from the point of view of victims.” Several charts show the evolution of terrorism over time, the types of attacks, and the type of terrorism.
The numbers don’t lie: the EU made a big mistake inviting millions of Muslims into their open borders. The light is just beginning to dawn in the minds of some “enlightened” EU officials and heads of nations that maybe, just maybe, encouraging large groups of people sworn to kill, rape, and enslave you wasn’t such a great plan after all.
The original thinking behind accepting millions of Muslims into the EU was to create a new, supplemental working class to boost the continental economy.
Instead, places in France and throughout Europe that used to be quiet and picturesque are now being ripped apart by ghetto violence.
This just goes to show that you get what you vote for. We the People of the United States would be well-served to learn from Europe’s grave error and avoid committing it here.
At least, Americans still have guns to fight off the Islamic invasion.
It would be very interesting to see the Black and White Book of Terrorism in the U.S. – wouldn’t it? That would solve the debate over “Islamaphobia” once and for all.