Fox News Adopts Woke Agenda Underneath the Surface

Liberals might believe that Fox News represents the MAGA conservative boogeyman that poses a danger to everything the left-wing regards as sacred.

However, a recent survey that was released on Monday claims that Fox News, as a firm, shares many traits with the leftists who dislike it.

Fox News Bows to LGBTQ Agenda

The Daily Signal, a pro-LGBTQ news site supported by the Heritage Foundation, claimed to have received a copy of the work manual for Fox News.

Fox workers are entitled to wear clothing in accordance with their desired gender and to use toilets that correspond according to their gender identity, not their biological sex.

In work environments, they have to be acknowledged using their preferred name and pronouns, the source said.

One of Tucker Carlson’s previous producers informed the Daily Signal they encourage us to believe this is an institution that upholds traditionally conservative principles. Though in fact, they’re working beneath the surface to promote this foolishness.

Other instances of Fox News’¬†leaning towards the left¬†behind the scenes were provided by The Daily Signal.

As an example, following Carlson’s firing on April 24, C-suite executives informed the makers of the show that the company would never again tolerate criticism of Dylan Mulvaney.

This is the trans advocate whose employment by Bud Light caused the beermakers’ revenues to plunge.

In addition, according to Daily Signal, Fox News utilizes and interprets the LGBTQ lexicon created by the left-leaning Human Rights Campaign, which is among the most well-known LGBTQ organizations in America.

Fox Goes Woke

On top of all this, Fox News received an A+ from the HRC on its company Equality Index, which evaluates corporate rules and procedures concerning LGBTQ+ workplace equality.

The corporation routinely highlights this rating in its staff instruction materials, a different former Fox News staffer informed Daily Signal.