Former Google Engineer Exposes Company for Bullying Conservatives

It’s no secret that various social media platforms and big tech companies have ties to liberal Silicon Valley. Since President Trump’s election to the Oval Office, various conservatives have reported multiple forms of censorship on social media.

Shadow bans, account suspensions, video demonetizations, etc are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cracking down on right-wing social media users. Over the past two years, videos have been leaked online where tech companies discuss the manner in which they manipulate algorithms to decrease traffic to conservative content.

In light of the hostile disposition which Silicon Valley-based platforms have towards conservatives, it’s no shock that these platforms don’t favor conservative employees either. 41-year-old Kevin Cernekee, who previously worked as a Google engineer, recently reported that the company targeted and eventually terminated him because of his right-wing views; this report is documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Everything You Need to Know

According to Cernekee, he began taking flak for his conservative beliefs during his employment at Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters. Others within the company learned of his beliefs after talking politics on the Google internal message board.

Shortly thereafter, Google’s Human Resources department informed Cernekee not to display insubordination or disrespect. Furthermore, a senior manager in the company refused to work with Cernekee strictly because of his conservative viewpoints. In 2017, another Google manager inquired on the company’s message board about whether “as*holes” like Cernekee could be terminated due to conservative ideologies.

Cernekee was eventually let go from his position as a Google engineer due to alleged abuse of the company’s remote access software. Despite the provided reason, Cernekee maintains that his termination was strictly due to his political ideologies.

Response from Google and More

In response to Cernekee’s claims, a spokesperson for the company issued a public statement which denies firing any employees due to their political beliefs:

“We enforce our workplace policies without regard to political viewpoint. Lively debate is a hallmark of Google’s workplace culture; harassment, discrimination, and the unauthorized access and theft of confidential company information is not.”

It’s no shock that Google is now coming out and stating that they don’t harass or terminate workers because of their political ideologies. At least, that’s their official statement, but what happens behind closed doors is another story. Many on the left have been groomed to believe that anyone with conservative viewpoints is evil, racist, or hateful; this is what they tell themselves in order to justify the bullying of conservatives.

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