Democrats Have Been Destroying Democracy for Years

Democrats have achieved self-delusion once again.

Rather than enlightening their own darkness, Democrats blame Republicans for Democratic misdeeds. Their most recent charge is the GOP puts democracy in jeopardy.

The Lie

“The past president and his followers have concluded the only way for them to win is to restrict your vote and rig our systems,” President Biden said at the White House on Thursday.

On the one-year anniversary of the riots by overzealous Trump supporters, Biden added, “it’s incorrect. It’s a form of tyranny, and to be honest, it’s un-American.”

VP Kamala Harris referred to President Trump’s base as “the extremists that aim to demolish our system” before presenting Biden.

“I’m concerned if conservatives control the midterms, voting in this nation as we understand it will be lost,” California Congressman Eric Swalwell told MSNBC on Monday.

“Not just to it is the most crucial election, but it may also be the last presidential race if we cannot get it straight.”

It’s easier and more comfortable for Biden, Harris, Swalwell, and their friends to scream about conservatives ruining America than to admit Democrats have been battering America’s political norms and institutions nonstop dating back to at least 2016.

Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI eavesdropped on the presidential campaign of the opposing party that year. The Russiagate investigation was like Watergate, but without the break-in.

The “Dirty Dossier,” financed by Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, served as the foundation for Democrat espionage against Trump. Through former British spy Christopher Steele, this bogus paper carried Kremlin disinformation into Justice.

The Department of Justice then used those lies to persuade federal judges to issue unjustified surveillance orders against Trump team aide Carter Page.

The Russian lies were then supplied to pro-Democratic news outlets (pardon the redundancy), who subsequently inserted them into the public discussion between Clinton and Trump.

Democrats Forget the Past

What a sledgehammer to democracy. Liberals bawled, started fires, and otherwise disputed the results of the 2016 election, shortly after Trump’s surprise victory.

Democrats then utilized print and television campaigns to persuade Trump’s Electoral College voters to switch their votes. Some electors were threatened with death simply for taking part in this constitutionally mandated stage of the election process.

When this strategy failed, at least 50 Democratic members of Congress skipped Trump’s inauguration, an unparalleled disrespect to America’s peaceful transitional period.

“Trump didn’t genuinely win the general election in 2016,” declared former President Jimmy Carter.

Trump was dubbed “an illegitimate president” by Hillary Clinton. “I don’t regard this president-elect as a real president,” said the late Democrat Rep. John Lewis.

For three years, Democratic-led Russiagate investigations propagated the disgusting, comprehensive lie that Trump was a “Russian agent,” as fired FBI employee Andrew McCabe implied.

These illusions, like Drano’s, eroded trust in Trump, his cabinet, and the whole US government. Such crazy claims were revealed to be completely unfounded by former FBI Director Robert Mueller’s investigation.