Florida Takes Legislative Action Against Looters and Rioters

"GovernorDeSantis" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by SFWMD

Looters and rioters have caused immense damage to the United States. Far too often, when the left fails to get their way, they decide that breaking into businesses, destruction, and vandalism of property, etc., are acceptable. They also believe that anyone who criticizes looting, rioting, and other criminal activity is a perpetrator of racism. 

Enough is enough. Democrat leaders may stand idly by as leftist militants lay siege to their own communities; however, Republicans aren’t going to tolerate this vicious, illegal conduct. 

“Ron DeSantis” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

The Florida state legislature has just passed an anti-riot bill that significantly cracks down on the aforementioned illegal activity. According to Breitbart News, Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis has committed to signing H.B. 1 into law. 

A Deeper Dive into Florida’s Anti-riot Bill

H.B 1 successfully passed the Florida Senate with 23 votes in favor and 17 votes against. Back in September 2020, Governor DeSantis introduced the anti-riot bill amid massive, violent demonstrations happening across the nation. 

Since Florida’s approval of H.B. 1, the Florida Republican governor has indicated that he will sign the bill into law as soon as next week. The anti-riot legislation increases legal penalties for individuals who attack law enforcement officers, lay siege to public property, and damage monuments. 

Under H.B. 1, localities that choose to impede law enforcement’s ability to get riots under control are also subject to legal penalties. Moreover, the anti-riot legislation allows for a citizens’ appeal procedure when localities seek to defund the police due to violent rioters. 

Keeping Florida Safe

Democrats are already launching false attacks and disinformation campaigns against H.B. 1. The latest claims from the left assert that the anti-riot legislation is designed to stop protesters; however, this simply is not true. 

Americans of all political stripes have the constitutional right to protest. They do not, however, have the constitutional right to loot, burn down property, deface property, riot, etc. This is criminal activity that H.B. 1 seeks to stop. That’s why DeSantis and Florida Republicans are so strongly in support of this legislation. 

After the bill successfully passed through the Florida Senate, Governor DeSantis stated that H.B. 1 will prevent the defunding of police, protect the right to protest, and punish violent rioters. 

Many conservatives are looking forward to the Florida governor officially signing H.B. 1 into law. 

What do you think about Florida’s anti-riot legislation? Do you think other states should pass similar bills? Let us know in the comments section below.