Florida Proves Conservative Policies Work

Florida’s employment rate of growth is triple times the national average, with 17 months of gain in succession, according to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The fact is, if it weren’t for DeSantis in Florida with outstanding job numbers, Biden wouldn’t have a chance. 43% of all new jobs added to the US economy are in Florida.

The proof that shows you conservative policies work in growing the nation’s economy is astronomical. DeSantis has maintained a very tough stance against COVID restrictions in the Sunshine State, sparking a strong recovery.

DeSantis Works!

“I am pleased to report during this period of economic ambiguity and a lot of headwinds emerging out of Washington, D.C., Florida introduced over 84,000 new jobs in September,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Friday.

DeSantis has faced a barrage of criticism from the mainstream press and blue state officials for refusing to enforce restrictive COVID regulations.

“That’s a significant portion of the overall numbers published in September,” DeSantis said. The Florida Republican governor then promised to keep working to create an environment where individuals can “work, live, and flourish for themselves and their families.”

Florida’s got a total of 84,500 jobs, with 72,500 of those jobs being in the private sector. As per DeSantis’ office, Florida added 50,000 jobs in the last week, indicating a “5.4 percent rise year-over-year, which is much greater than the nationwide rate of 0.8 percent.”

Since March 2020, when the Chinese coronavirus epidemic began, the Sunshine State added over one million new employees. The rate of unemployment in the state is now 4.9 percent.

There is Still Work to be Done

“We’re pleased to be able to maintain our pace. We’ve got loads more work to do, but we’ve got a lot of issues with things happening on the national scale,” DeSantis said, noting Florida will “keep fighting hard to make the state a beautiful place.”

The Department of Labor stated earlier this month the US economy expanded by 194,000 workers in September. This is a very a “slow” rate, as the Labor Department projected approximately 500,000 jobs generated. Yet, the economy still came up short again.

The Jobs Creators Network slammed the Biden government’s newest data. This network accused Biden of “failing policies” and “trying to wreck smaller companies” across the country.

“Even the expiration of Biden’s extensive jobless benefits (which kept people out of work for nearly half a year) failed to encourage job development. That’s because Biden’s program is demolishing smaller companies,” stated Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the Jobs Creators Network.

“Tax increases, vaccination requirements, and record expenditures resulting in rapid inflation are all elements of Biden’s war on small business,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Florida has built up a reputation as a haven for both economic prosperity and personal freedom under DeSantis’ administration.