Florida Man Attacked and Killed by Dangerous Pet Bird

On Friday, Marvin Hajos, 75, tragically lost his life after being attacked and murdered by his dangerous, vicious pet bird, according to reports from The Blaze.

What Happened?

The 75-year-old man died following the attack from his exotic cassowary bird. Cassowaries are known for their notable height and weight of up to 5.6 ft and 167 lbs. In addition to being quite sizable for their species, cassowaries also have dangerous claws on their feet which are a shocking four inches long. Birds of this nature are known to be extremely protective of their offspring and remarkably territorial. The legs of cassowaries are also strong enough for the birds to leap almost seven feet in the air.
Hajos is said to have been assaulted by his cassowary after he fell down in an area which was close to the world’s most dangerous bird. The 75-year-old was given medical care following his injuries, but he sadly died while in the hospital.
Multiple cassowaries were found on his property which led authorities to believe that he may be breeding them. At this time, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office are looking into Hajos’ murder.
Jeff Taylor, the deputy chief of the Alachua County Fire Rescue Department, provided some brief words on the tragic circumstances which befell Hajos:

“My understanding is that the gentleman was in the vicinity of the bird and at some point fell. When he fell, he was attacked.”

The Lesson to Be Learned

It goes without saying that what happened to Hajos was unfortunate and gruesome; however, in every situation, there is always a lesson to be learned.
In this particular case, having an awareness of the type of pets one has and the potential risks is always helpful. There are many animals which make great pets; choosing friendly, domesticated animals as pets is a very wise and advisable decision which can prevent future cases of owners being murdered by their pets.
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